Prepare Your Gutters For Winter

Rain gutters help to direct large amounts of rainwater away from basement walls or foundation walls to prevent damage or flooding. For rain gutters to work efficiently, they have to be properly maintained and repaired.Drainage Systems

With winter already approaching, you can do the following to prepare your gutters for winter. 

Unclog Your Gutters  

Clogging is the main problem experienced by gutters. Leaves, rodents or debris are what usually clogs the gutters and cleaning them out should always be on the list as you prepare your gutters for winters. To prevent this, you should always trim tree branches that extend towards your roof as they can be used by rodents to get to your roof and it’s easy for the leaves to fall into your gutters.

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Leaking Gutters

A leaky gutter defeats its purpose because it still drains water to the basement or foundation wall. As a homeowner, you should be able to identify and patch gutter leaks as you prepare your gutters for winter. One way of checking for gutter leaks is by using a hose to run water through your gutters and then check if it’s leaking. Another way is by visually inspecting the gutters or the ground next to the house.

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Reinstall Badly Installed Gutters

What good are gutters if they were not installed properly and can’t protect your house against rainwater damage ? Most gutters that are badly installed tend to be improperly pitched. Gutters need to be pitched towards downspouts for rainwater to flow through properly. Another example of gutters that are badly installed are those that tend to be saggy and pull away from the house.

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Contact A Drainage Contractor

Contact a drainage contractor If you believe that your gutters might have a problem or if you have none at all. To get a free drainage inspection estimate Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239.