Channel & Trench Drains Installation

Has excess water buildup begun to disrupt your yard or home? Prevent water invasion from leading to costly structural repairs by equipping your property with a trusted drainage system today.

Channel and trench drains provide thorough drainage system support in order to prevent water runoff from damaging your property.

What Are Channel/Trench Drains?

The channel or trench drain is a very simply composed drainage system that contains a simple trench design. The trench is fitted with a grate covering to prevent debris from clogging the drain. This floor drain type is used for very quick surface water rerouting. Channel/trench drains are characterized for their narrow width and long length.

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Are Channel/Trench Drains Popular Drainage Systems?

Channel/trench drains are very commonly included as part of the overall drainage design of backyards. They are favored for their ability to rapidly remove large quantities of water runoff without clogging, making them a reliable drainage system.

What Are Channel/Trench Drains Used For?

If you have water collecting in the driveway and entering into the garage, then channel/trench drains are an excellent drainage system solution. The grates in these drains are used to collect sheets of water that move across sidewalks and driveways. The grates then redistribute the water into the drain to prevent water intrusion. Overall, channel/trench drains are able to capture stormwater that flows over large areas, such as driveways, and redistribute it out of harm’s way into a local stream or city drainage system.

Where Are Channel/Trench Drains Installed?

Channel and trench drains are most often installed at garage entries or in driveways. However, they are also used in patios and pools to attend to property drainage needs. They can also be installed by downspouts or shower drains for added drainage assistance.

Do Channel/Trench Drains Disrupt Landscaping?

Channel and trench drains are favored by many homeowners due to their clean, linear appearance. They run alongside the side of the house or driveway without interfering with or disrupting the aesthetics of the property landscaping or architecture.

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What Are The Benefits Of Channel/Trench Drains?

Channel and trench drains are favored due to factors of convenience and efficiency. They are easy to incorporate with landscaping and structural designs because they come in a wide variety of widths and sizes. Additionally, the are able to manage large amounts of water runoff without clogging.

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What Types Of Drainage Situations Are Channel/Trench Drains Best For?

So you wonder where will the Channel and Trench Drains work well? Channel and trench drain work well on paved surfaces and driveways.

Channel and Trench Drains are able to address conglomerating water runoff in order to prevent it from entering the home or yard and damaging property and landscaping. Another thing that might be an issue is damage to your home foundation!

When Are Channel/Trench Drains Most Needed?

Channel and trench drains are effective at diverting water quickly since their design prevents clogging. That makes them trusted drainage system solutions for areas that receive frequent flooding and heavy rainfall. These drains are also used in areas with frequent water buildup to reduce hazards such as vehicle hydroplaning on wet roads.

Will My House Benefit From Channel/Trench Drains?

If your house is suffering from moderate to severe drainage system failure, then channel or trench drain installation might be able to assist with your situation. However, a professional will be able to best determine which drainage system solution will most efficiently address your drainage system needs.

What Is A Slot Drain?

The slot drain is a newer form of the channel/trench drain that is intended for backyard drainage needs. Unlike channel/trench drains, the slot drain does not contain grate coverings. This durable drainage system contains all the efficiency of the channel/trench drain without forgoing any of the efficiency of the traditional system.

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Can You Install Channel/Trench Drains Yourself?

Channel and trench drains should only be installed professionally. The materials and expertise used during installation have an enormous impact on the longevity of the drain. For best results with your drainage system needs, seek professional assistance. California Foundation Works is a professional yard drainage solution contractor and we would love to help.

How Long Do Channel/Trench Drains Last?

Channel and trench drains are considered to be superior drainage system solutions. However, the lifespan of these drainage systems depends largely on the quality of the installation, as well as the quality and integrity of the materials used.


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