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Perhaps you noticed a few shingles that were loose on your home and went to investigate. What seemed like a minor issue can quickly escalate into a larger problem once you’ve discovered water intrusion behind the scenes.

Water damage leads to rot that can cause serious damage to the structure of a home, as well as lead to dangerous infestations. Here’s what to know about rot and rot repair for your Los Angeles property.

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Rot Repair 101

No homeowner is excited to discover that their home requires rot repair. However, homeowners must take action. Dry rot can lead to drywall cracks, uneven floors, sticking doors, and difficulty opening windows. Over time, these issues can cause serious structural damage that will significantly impact a building’s property value. There are different types of rot, with crawl space mold being very common due to moisture intrusion.

Brown rot is caused by different fungus strains and often affects softwoods, which are common for framing in Los Angeles area homes. Unfortunately, this is the more serious type of rotting that will eventually develop a checkerboard look that can turn into powder. On the other hand, white rot attacks both hardwoods and softwoods. It causes longitudinal breaks in the wood along the grain. While brown rot can develop due to high humidity levels, white rot requires wetness to grow.

Consequences of Rot

Choosing to ignore rotting areas of the home could lead to serious repercussions. Not tending to rot can lead to the problem spreading, which will cause more expensive and extensive repair work. Additionally, the rot can seriously impact the structural security of the home. This can leave residents vulnerable to building collapse and damage, especially in earthquake-prone areas such as L.A.

There are also health issues that can be caused due to rot. Since rot is often caused by water intrusion, there can be other problems occurring along with the damaged wood weakening your home’s structure. Water intrusion can often lead to health issues caused by bacteria, mold, and fungus. These growths can affect the respiratory system and negativity impact the health of residents. Therefore, rot repair and wood repair are essential services for rotting homes.

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Dangers of Not Acting

To ensure that the health of your home is not compromised, the underlying damage of the rotting area needs to be uncovered. Whether you are dealing with crawl space mold or loose shingles due to damaged wood, there is likely a deeper issue at hand. Professional rot repair will allow for the cause to be discovered so that full repairs can be made. This will permanently eliminate the rot in your home.

If you have noticed rot, mold, water intrusion, or strange odors, it’s important to book a professional inspection. At California Foundation Works, we can set up a complimentary home inspection so that you can discover the source of your problems. We can then help you map out the necessary solutions. Issues will only escalate if you delay acting, so it’s important to call a contractor as soon as you notice signs of rot in your home.

LA Rot Solutions

The good news is that crawl space mold can be eliminated with rot repair and wood repair. However, the extent of the damage is impossible to determine before the rot repair begins, as rot damage can easily be hidden.

Fortunately, the repair process is fairly straightforward, though it is necessary to work with a certified professional to ensure that the situation is fully rectified.

To deal with rotting areas of the home, the bad wood is removed to uncover the degree of damage. Anything that has experienced water damage will then be replaced and painted or stained to match the remaining structures. Seams will then be properly caulked to prevent water from reentering the area. Often, assessing the yard drainage system is also helpful to eliminate future water intrusion. To prevent future rot issues, moisture problems will need to be corrected. Therefore, both wood repair and a yard drainage assessment are beneficial.

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Nobody wants to deal with rotting areas of their home, but at California Foundation Works we’ll make the process as straight-forward as possible. Our team of experts carries decades of experience and expertise that we bring to every project.

Through hard work and clear communication, we help homeowners in the greater Los Angeles Area fortify, repair, and renovate their homes. We provide full renovation, restoration, retrofit, and yard drainage solutions for your L.A. property.


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