Sunroom Additions in Los Angeles

What Are Los Angeles Sunroom Additions?

Los Angeles is a gorgeous location to call home, which is why many homeowners consider sunroom additions to bring beautiful weather right inside their dwellings. Home addition services expand the usable living space of a building by either adding space to existing rooms or adding new rooms onto the structure. Home additions are always beneficial to LA homeowners, as they serve dual purposes. Home additions create more living space for the homeowner to enjoy, while they also add valuable square footage that raises the property value of the home.

Sunroom Addition

Sunroom additions are particularly popular in LA because of the warm, sunny weather that residents love to enjoy. Sunrooms are viewed as transitional spaces that can be equipped to be functional year-round, especially given the mild LA winters. Sunroom additions create spaces for homeowners to relax and enjoy the outdoors through large, glass windows while also being protected from the elements. These glassed-in living spaces are accessible from inside the home and are designed as an additional living area to be enjoyed during mild weather. They are also highly customizable to meet many individual homeowner desires.

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How to Plan a Sunroom Addition Project

Some homeowners are interested in LA sunroom addition projects, though they have no idea where to get started. However, the home addition project can easily be broken down. Home additions either involve expanding an existing space or building a new structure. Additions can also involve converting existing structures, such as attached garages. However, sunroom additions are typically built as an addition to the home since they contain windowed walls. Factors such as heating, cooling, electricity, and insulation will have to be considered when it comes to your LA sunroom addition.

Plumbing will likely not be needed for a sunroom addition unless requested by the homeowner. All of these details will be taken into consideration when the home addition plan is designed by the contractor to best optimize the space. 

After the details are hammered out, the home contractor will obtain all necessary permits for the Los Angeles sunroom addition project. Then the site can be prepared. A new foundation will be poured for the sunroom addition, which will allow it to be a seamless expansion of the home. The structure will then be built and roofing, sheathing, doors, windows, insulation, and drywall will be added. After the interior is finished, the outside landscaping can be put back into its original place. 

What to Consider When Designing A Sunroom Addition?

While sunrooms aren’t usually hooked up to heating and cooling systems, four-season rooms are a similar option that offers a windowed space with additional cooling and heating systems. This allows the space to be enjoyed no matter what the weather. Another popular option for a sunroom addition is to use it as an attached greenhouse. Homeowners can construct the perfect space to optimize the temperature, light, and humidity for optimal plant growth. 

While some homeowners prefer that their sunrooms contain household furniture, others choose to design the space with a more outdoor appeal. There is the option to have a screened-in room or porch space to provide fresh air. Homeowners can then select patio furniture and decorum for their space. This is often the most budget-friendly option for a sunroom addition. Homeowners also must select the ideal place to situate their sunroom. It’s important to consider factors such as where there will be the most light and where there is less traffic and noise.

Sunroom Addition
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Other Types Of Common Los Angeles Home Additions

While sunroom additions can add a lot to your Los Angeles property, they are not the only home addition option on the market. The most popular home addition services in LA are bathroom additions, kitchen additions, and master bedroom additions. While any room additions are possible to either add a new room or expand existing space, these projects are favored for increasing property value and adding valuable space to the home.

LA bathroom additions are always a surefire way to increase property value. Bathroom additions can include adding a room to the property or converting an existing space, such as a hallway closet, into a fully functional bathroom. Bathroom additions are often added at the end of a hallway, though homeowners can also opt to add them to garages, basements, laundry rooms, or spare bedrooms. Bathroom additions bring a high level of customer satisfaction, as many expanding families can benefit from additional bathrooms. Meanwhile, they are guaranteed to raise property value for LA homeowners. 

LA kitchen additions are a project that increases property value while adding a lot of enjoyment for the homeowner. Kitchens are the main areas of the home where family members gather every day to cook, eat, and socialize. Having extended kitchen space creates more room for both practical cooking needs and important family time opportunities. Since homes are already equipped with kitchens, Los Angeles kitchen additions extend the existing kitchen space. This is often combined with a complete kitchen remodel and upgrade. Working with a professional contractor will allow homeowners to best optimize their space for maximum functionality and appeal. 

LA bedroom additions are another popular home addition option for Los Angeles homeowners. Many homeowners choose to expand a bedroom and create their ideal master bedroom, as parents are aware of the importance of having their private sanctuary. Master bedroom additions expand bedrooms to create the perfect sanctuary, while they can also be combined with a master bathroom upgrade for the ultimate living space combination. Some homeowners also choose to have smaller rooms expanded to create guest rooms or extra bedrooms as families expand.

How to Choose A Sunroom additions Contractor?

When it comes to finding a contractor to work with for your LA home addition, all contractors are not built equally. Home additions are major projects, as they involve a considerable amount of work and impact the value of the home. That’s why it’s essential to pick an honest, experienced, and efficient contractor who will deliver exactly what the homeowner wants, be realistic about expectations, and work within a predesigned budget. 

To choose the right foundation contractor for your LA home addition project, it’s essential to check reviews. See what people are saying on websites such as The Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Select a contracting company that offers warranties for their work, which is a sign of confidence and care. 

Sunroom Addition

Take the time to research who you are getting into business with and verify the details about the company. Never work with an unlicensed contractor no matter how tempting the price is. Remember, when it comes to contracting, you often get what you pay for. Though the highest quote doesn’t guarantee the best work, it’s worth it to invest in your home by choosing a quality contractor who doesn’t cut any corners.


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