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What is Soil Grading?

Soil grading is a drainage solution that grades the soil in the yard so that it slopes away from the house or structure. Grading and sloping work ensure that surface water flows away from the home rather than towards it so that water is channeled away from the house and out of the property.

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Why Grade Your Soil?

Soil grading allows the soil to be graded away from the foundation so that water runoff will distribute away from the home rather than towards the foundation.

This prevents excess rainwater from invading the crawl space area or pooling next to the foundation and causing damage or pooling in the yard and ruining vegetation.

What Are The Risks Of Not Grading Your Yard?

When not properly grated, water can pool around the yard and enter the foundation and crawl space area. This can lead to potentially disastrous and expensive problems for homeowners down the line.

Is Soil Grading A Common Drainage Solution?

Soil grading is popular in new construction projects. It is a very simple drainage solution that comes with plenty of benefits. This easy to install yard alteration can make a tremendous difference when it comes to attending to yard drainage needs. It is performed when there is a need to properly grade the Jobsite to handle runoffs.

How Does Soil Grading Work?

Soil grading starts off by reworking the soil around the property so that the existing elevation is around the structure. This process may require removing soil or bringing in new soil in order to achieve the proper grade for the yard. This grading and the sloping process can also be used in conjunction with other yard drainage systems, such as French drains, if needed depending on the drainage situation.

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How Should Soil Grading Be Done?

When installing soil grading, it’s important to have the slope at least six inches, though the exact slope depends on the yard and its needs. While six inches is the required minimum slope, nine to twelve inches of grading is often effective.

The most important aspect of the installation is the angle of the slope since it needs to be angled in a way that ensures the water will flow in both the correct direction (away from the home) and at a steady pace.

What Type Of Property Is Soil Grading Best For?

Soil grading is a great solution for soggy lawns. Properties that suffer from poor drainage systems and have difficulty removing water from the yard can benefit from soil grading services. When used in conjunction with other yard drainage solutions, such as French drains, drain boxes, channel drains, or retaining walls, soil grading can be an invaluable component of a proper yard drainage system.

Will My House Benefit From Soil Grading?

If water is collecting around your property, then you need to address your drainage system inadequacies, and there is a good chance that soil grading services will help. If you have noticed any water intrusion, call a professional as soon as possible to book a thorough assessment of your property and determine the best course of action for addressing your yard drainage needs.

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Can You Perform Soil Grading Yourself?

While it is possible to grade the soil in your yard yourself, since it is a simple process, having a professional do the job will save you the risk of improper or ineffective grading. When it comes to soil grading, industry expertise is invaluable.
Professional contractors will also be able to bring in more of the correct type of soil if needed and attend to soil grading maintenance to ensure for lasting drainage system success in your yard. After the soil has been graded properly to achieve the desired slope, then the soil will get compacted to ensure to soil stay in place and allow water to divert away from existing structures on the property.

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