What is Retrofitting?    

Simply stated. it’s a process that ties a home together. It increase the resistance to earthquake damage and decreases the risk of injury. In short, it significantly strengthens the house.

How Do i Know if i Need Retrofitting?

Easy. Our trained inspectors will crawl under your home with a camera and a detailed check list. Crawl along with us if you like.You’ll receive a detailed report on the condition of your foundation and any water damage that has occurred which may jeopardize the safety of your home and your family.

Are We Trying to Sell You Something ?

You bet! we won’t ever sell you something that you don’t need. It all depends on the condition, type of structure, type of construction, the age of the structure and the level of protection you want for your home.

Is This Free? No Hidden Charges? 

Absolutely. this won’t cost you a cent. If your home is secured and doesn’t need retrofitting, we’ll tell you. If there are any problems, we can give you the solutions.

What are the Benefits of Retrofitting My Home ? 

Strengthened homes are safer to live in and easier to sell and insure. The Northridge earthquake showed us that Strengthened homes stays on their foundation in the same neighborhoods where strengthened homes did not.Some insurance will no longer insure a home unless this work is done. Sellers of a homes must also disclose to buyers if their home is unbolted.

How Much Does Earthquake Retrofitting Cost ?

The cost of the work varies. Some homes have cripple walls that need a lot of blocking while other homes do not have cripple walls. Some home have plenty of access to the work area while other homes have limited access because of heating ducts or small access holes. the cost of work will increase significantly if you need to replace an unenforced masonry foundation or have a lot of termite or fungus damages to the wood. You will get an idea of the fair value of the work to be done by getting different bid from contractor.

Most single family homes on level or near level lots can expect to pay from $2000 to $4000 for the total job. This price assumes a contractor did the work according to the department’s standard plan and there were no special conditions. Home owners who do the work themselves can help reduce this cost. There will be additional costs if you need to hire an architect or engineer.

What Causes Foundation Problems? 

Foundations problems can  be caused by a number of factors. Most Foundation problems often occur as a result of water damage due to broken pipes, pooling near foundation, or erosion. Tree roots growing against or beneath your foundation can also cause damage. Expansive soils which expand and contract based on normal seasonal changes also tend to exert pressure on the foundation. Improper and insufficient site preparation prior to building construction will cause foundation problems later on.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Foundation Repair Job ?

How long it takes to complete a foundation repair job varies depending on the job but most of them typically take about 4 to 7 days to complete.

Does Foundation-Watering Help ? 

Yes it can if you are consistent. As a homeowner, it’s really one of the only few things you can do on your own as a preventive maintenance technique. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to the failure of a foundation, but the most significant is the ever-changing moisture content of the clay soils we have in Los Angeles. In order to minimize the changes in the moisture content, foundation watering needs to be done on a daily basis throughout the dry seasons of the year.

Can I Delay Repairing My House Foundation ?

It’s best to look into having your foundation fixed when it shows signs of foundation cracks or issues such as unexplained fissures or other problems. You might discover that you need to have foundation repair when you least expect it due to factors such as damage extent or weather conditions. The longer you delay in hiring a foundation repair contractor, the more problems you will have and the more work it will require to fix the foundation of your  property.

Do I Need to Hire an Engineer ? 

An engineer will outline their observations, which may include cracks in the foundation, window separations and other indications of damage. They will also perform a relative site evaluation that will show if the structure has experienced differential movement.The engineer’s report will outline his or her conclusions and recommendations regarding foundation repair.

What Are Expansive Soils ? 

Clay soils are generally regarded as “heavy “ soils, and consist of tiny, tightly packed particles. Because they are dense, they can be difficult to work with. They become very hard and dry. What’s more, they cause fissures. Clay soil is not only expansive, it is extremely absorbent. It gains a tremendous amount of volume when wet. These expansive soils consisting largely of clay can be orange, brown or grey. Loamy soils fall somewhere between clay soils and sandy soils. They are composed of particles of all sizes and have good moisture retention and drainage properties. When they expand or swell, they exert a great deal of strength and put pressure on the vertical face of a foundation, causing lateral movement and foundation cracks. In addition, expansive clay soils contract when they are dry. That’s why you’ll need to repair your foundation and fix any damage you find.

Can the Trees Surrounding My Property Cause Foundation Damage ?

Yes! Each large tree can use up as much as 150 gallons of water from the soil every day. Shrubbery and other plants can also remove large quantities of water thereby drying out the soils. When moisture is sucked out of the foundation surroundings, the soil shrinks and allows the footings to settle and crack.

Will Foundation Repair Destroy My Landscaping ?

Our goal is to leave your property in better shape than we found it.  In an effort to protect your landscaping, we will attempt to design our solutions with the least impact to your beautiful plants. In those cases where it is not possible to avoid damage to your plants, we will take the necessary steps to remove, store, and replace them when the foundation repair is complete.

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Foundation Repair? 

It’s unlikely that foundation repair insurance is covered by your homeowner’s policy because most insurance companies do not cover foundation damage or issues. It’s important to remember that homeowner policies in Los Angeles don’t cover insurance for foundation repair. Whether you have a cracked concrete slab or a pier and beam foundation, you’ll want to review the policy issued by your insurance company, and learn more about foundation repair issues and the percent of houses damaged. Unfortunately, many property owners often discover that their homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover lots of things, not the least of which are foundation issues. This includes foundation deterioration caused by earthquakes, droughts, under slab plumbing leaks and rain.

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