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Us at California Foundation Works wish to give you the best tools and information on how to approach your home structural stability and drainage. That is why our professionals collected a list of resources, guides, and informative articles around the web. This comes to supplement the expanded library of knowledge about different problems and solutions across our website. Take a look at our menu, most of the information is already on our website.

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EBB program

EBB is the Earthquake Brace and Bolt subsidy program that helps homeowners reduce the cost of important earthquake retrofit to their homes. If you are eligible for this program you can receive up to $3,000 to help strengthen your home foundation against earthquakes by installing Bolts and Braces. Homeowners must meet Chapter A3 specifications to be eligible for this program.

In the case of seismic activity, bolts and braces are significant for the durability of the home to withstand the quake. Anchored crawl space bolts play a vital role in preventing the home from sliding off the foundation and braces will enhance the cripple wall strength to prevent it from collapsing.


FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA is an independent agency of the federal government established in 1979 with the mission to support the citizens and first responders in preparedness, responding, and recovering from any emergencies.

FEMA Website


California Seismic Safety Commission

The California Seismic Safety Commission is a government organization that provides the general public with professional recommendations to prevent earthquake loss and a faster recovery.  You can explore their professional advice on their website.

SSC Website


California Earthquake Authority

CEA is a huge provider of residential earthquake insurance. Over 1 million California households have CEA insurance to their homes. 

CEA Website


Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

The EERI is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the science and practices of earthquake engineering and advocating for practical measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes.

EERI Website

ADU related information

ADU stands for the Accessory Dwelling Unit which is the legal term for a secondary house or apartment that shares space of a larger, primary house.

In recent years the city of Los Angeles made it easier to build ADU’s as a conversion of the garage, on top of other structures, or next to the primary house. Following an inspection of your property and setting up expectations for how you wish to use the new space, we can supply you with a Free estimate for the project.

ADU Related Articles

We have a lot of information about ADU on our website, check the menu under ADU and look in our blog for many articles to give you a better understanding of ADU regulations, pros and cons, etc. in Los Angeles.

Few other resources are:

LA County ADU information

ADU Los Angeles Accelerator Program

LA Times: What to know before building an ADU

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