Concrete Walkway Repair

In order to preserve the curb appeal of your business or home and prevent civilian injuries, it’s important to keep your concrete walkway intact. Unfortunately, time, storms, vegetation, and other external factors can threaten the integrity of your walkway.
Concrete is one of the most trusted and durable materials on the market and is a long term investment for your Los Angeles home walkway.

Explore our guide to discover all you need to know about concrete walkway repair, including the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective solutions for your property.

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How Did My Concrete Walkway Become Damaged?

Concrete damage often occurs over time, with problems gradually exacerbating due to exposure to outside elements. Each season sunken concrete gradually worsens, as water is collected in the lower concrete slab. This process causes erosion both underneath and between the concrete slabs, which along with seasonal freezing and thawing, facilitates cracking and moving of concrete walkway slabs. Ground movement and drainage system deficiencies can also contribute to concrete walkway damages. Other factors that lead to walkway damage include weakened soil, erosion, gutter runoff, tree root invasion or rotting, clogged gutters, improperly installed downspouts, and poorly compacted dirt.

Is Concrete Walkway Repair Necessary?

Yes. In addition to providing an eyesore, uneven walkways create a liability due to fall hazards. Avoid legal entanglements from safety and liability issues by addressing concrete walkway damages as soon as they arise.
The repair process will also correct water pooling and visual eyesores. Keep in mind that some cities will require walkway repair arrangements to be made by the homeowner, so there is no reason to delay this beneficial and necessary process.
Additionally, severe walkway damages can affect the driveway of your property and even lead to foundation issues in your structure.

How Does The Concrete Walkway Repair Process Work?

The first step in the repair process is evaluating the condition of the walkway, which is done by a professional inspector.
This person will be able to best formulate a plan for how to address your specific walkway issues to amend them and prevent them from occurring again. Sometimes this might lead to addressing underlying issues, such as drainage system failure, that are exacerbating the issue at hand.

What Is Walkway Leveling?

Walkway leveling is a repair solution that is ideal for uneven slabs in the concrete. Leveling services can be used to raise the lower portion of sunken slabs through pumping to make them even with the other concrete slabs.

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How Are Concrete Walkways Leveled?

The leveling process for concrete walkways involves floating the concrete slab in portioned increments to provide for a controlled lift.
Because this process must be done carefully to protect the concrete, it should be done by professional contractors. The cracks in the walkway are closed during the leveling process to leave the walkway even and intact.

What Factors Affect Concrete Leveling Costs?

Concrete walkway leveling is one of the most popular concrete walkway repair solutions, because it is reliable and often significantly less expensive than other repair options. Factors that affect the ultimate price include how many walkway slabs need leveling services, the extent of the walkway sinking, if there are voids under the walkway, and if the walkway is located next to other concrete fixtures.

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Are There DIY Solutions For Damaged Walkways?

Though professional repair methods are the safest and most reliable, there are DIY options that some homeowners choose to explore. Keep in mind that if you wish to undertake the concrete repair task yourself, you will need heavy-duty, specialized tools, as well as in-depth knowledge and specialized skills. Therefore, professional contractors are always a much better route to explore.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Damaged Concrete Walkway?

As you will discover below, there are many repair solutions for concrete walkways that do not require replacement. Walkway repair requires fewer materials, time, and labor than replacement, making it a most cost-effective solution. When replacement is needed, a full team must be hired to break, remove, set, and repour the concrete walkway.

On the other hand, repairs provide immediate solutions that can save up to 70% of costs. Read on to discover different repair solutions for your concrete walkway problems.

Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a sidewalk safety rebate, there are a number of requirements potential applicants must meet. Applicants must own their property and that property cannot have already received a rebate.
Applicants must team up with a licensed contractor, and the sidewalk work cannot be in conjunction with any other development projects that abut a commercial property. Lastly, applicants are granted 14 days from the day of their request to provide all necessary documentation.

What Are The Causes Of Cracked Walkways?

Walkway cracks come in a variety of sizes, with some simply disrupting the aesthetic appeal of the concrete as elemental wear and tear happen over the years. Others, however, can pose safety threats and lead to dangerous walking.

How Can I Repair My Cracked Walkway?

Most cases of cracked walkways will not require replacement. They can be treated with sealing and caulking or leveling repair services (see above).

What Are The Causes Of Uneven Walkways?

Uneven or sunken walkways are primarily caused by water. Water-related damage includes improper drainage leading to water being trapped under the slabs and heaving caused by seasonal freezing and thawing

How Can I Repair My Uneven Walkway?

Though professional repair methods are the safest and most reliable, there are DIY options that some homeowners choose to explore. Keep in mind that if you wish to undertake the concrete repair task yourself, you will need heavy-duty, specialized tools, as well as in-depth knowledge and specialized skills. Therefore, professional contractors are always a much better route to explore.

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What Is Walkway Sealing And Caulking?

Sealing and caulking services tremendously lessen the ability for water to penetrate the surface of the concrete, which preserves the lifespan of the concrete walkway. To start, pressure washing is used to remove contaminants and stains on the surface. A sealant is then applied and cracks are caulked to prevent water from getting into the concrete.

What Are The Causes Of Raised Walkways?

Walkway hazards can also occur due to concrete slabs being raised rather than sinking. This often occurs due to an object, such as tree roots, pushing on the slab and causing disruption.

How Can I Repair My Raised Walkway?

While raised walkways often seem like they will require extensive repair, fortunately, there are less drastic options you can take to resolve the problem. Walkway leveling is often used to raise the slabs and create an even, gentle slope to amend the issue without invasive and costly replacement. Walkway leveling should always be done professionally for the safest results.

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