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California Foundation Works, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based foundation repair contractor. We take pride in helping property owners repair dangerous and unsound foundations. Because many LA homes are old and vulnerable to seismic activity, many of the home foundations are prone to damage. Homeowners need to inspect their homes to find any cracks in the foundation, as early detection of foundation cracks can reduce the cost of fixing the problem. Learn how to identify foundation cracks and damage in the home’s foundation, as well as what solutions are available for LA homeowners. 

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What We Do?

We specialize in foundation repair, foundation upgrades, earthquake retrofitting, house bolting, floor leveling, concrete repair, construction, and drainage solutions.

We utilize the latest technology to provide you with sound foundation repair solutions based on our years of expertise, so you can protect your home and your investment.

Why Do I Need Foundation Crack Repair?

Serious damage to your home foundation or to your commercial property can develop immediately after building a new home or slowly as the soils that surround and support your home or property begin to change over the years.

See Signs of Cracks Around The Foundation?

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Foundation Crack Dangers

Foundation issues are something that becomes clear to homeowners through routine inspections. Foundations cracks, slanted walls, doors and windows that stick, crumbling brick, water intrusion, and leaning chimneys all point to foundation problems. Cracks that are clustered around the door and window frames, horizontal, particularly wide, and clustered closely together especially indicate foundation damage warning signs. 

While it can be tempting to ignore cracks, this is not a wise move. Foundation cracks are often an indication of an underlying structural problem. When left untreated, cracks can weaken the structural stability of the home. Over time, this can severely impact the home’s property value and the safety of residents. Los Angeles homeowners run an even higher risk of foundation destruction since earthquakes can wreak havoc on unsecured foundations.

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Cracked Windows Or Door Frames

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Foundation Crack

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Foundation Crack Repair Solutions

The worst mistakes that homeowners can make are ignoring foundation cracks or covering them up. In some cases, cracks are minor surface issues. However, they often represent deeper structural problems. Trying to quickly cover up signs of damage could prevent a bigger issue from being treated before costs skyrocket. Therefore, it’s always smart to contact a professional foundation contractor once you have noticed signs of foundation damage. 

Foundation crack repair solutions will depend on the findings in the professional evaluation. When caught early on, most cases of foundation damage can be remedied by foundation repair solutions such as foundation underpinning retrofits, sister foundation installations, caisson boxes, and grade beams. A professional evaluation will be able to provide the homeowner with an outline of what procedures need to occur to strengthen their home.

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Why Us? Why Now?

LA homeowners have many concerns occupying their days. However, attending to foundation cracks and damages should be at the top of the list. Ignoring foundation issues will cause problems to escalate, which can skyrocket prices and lead to expensive and extensive renovations. In some cases, complete foundation replacement services will be needed. In addition to easing cost and increasing comfort, attending to any foundation issues early on will ensure a protected property value and a safe home for residents. 

At California Foundation Works, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for complete contracting needs in the greater Los Angeles area. Our team of trained and trusted contractors carries decades of pooled experience that we bring to every project. We collaborate closely with homeowners to deliver premium services at competitive prices. Our goal is to keep your home safe while ensuring that you love the space you live in. Call today to discuss your Los Angeles area contracting needs.


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