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Los Angeles is a beautiful place to call home, though hillside property owners have to contend with a unique set of challenges. One of the biggest issues that many LA homeowners face is dealing with a sloped property.

Fortunately, slope repair services can fortify the property and remove fear for homeowners and prevent further deterioration of the house foundation. Discover what you need to know about slope repair services in Los Angeles, read on

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LA Slope Repair 101

Slope repair is a very beneficial process since it strengthens a slope’s resistance to erosion and secures an unstable slope on the property.

Erosion occurs due to many reasons, such as land management failure, tillage, and climate change. When properly corrected, slope repair protects the property from dangers of erosion such as landslides.

Since any degree of seismic activity can threaten the stability of the home, Los Angeles property owners should pay particular attention to slope prevention and slope repair services. When a building is not properly secured on the property, it can slide or buckle during extreme weather events. How do you know if the slope of your property endangers your home?

LA properties located on hillside plots can be at risk for slope-related issues. Natural disasters often cause damage when the slope of the home is not properly secured. That is why Los Angeles property owners must have their properties inspected to ensure that they are properly secured. Don’t allow big weather events or gradual changes over time to put your property and residents at risk.

Signs That Slope Repair Is Needed

LA homeowners should be on the lookout for signs that slope repair is needed. Floors that are not level can be a sign of slope damage, as are areas of the home that appear misplaced or pulling away. Other warning signs include cracked foundations, doors or windows that stick, gaps around doors or windows, and water intrusion. Soil erosion signs, cracks or bulges in the home, water seepage, and collapsed or sinking ground all could be warning signs that slope instability is present in your Los Angeles property.

To minimize the extent of damage and the cost of repair or replacement services, it’s necessary to inspect your LA property for signs of damage. Damage could indicate a slope or foundation repair is needed or that the property requires a new drainage system installation. A professional contractor will be about to determine the extent of the damage and how expensive repairs will be. They will also be able to explore potential repair solutions with the homeowner. Keep in mind that sloped properties are particularly at risk following periods of heavy rain or after moisture levels in the soil have been dramatically impacted.

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Slope Repair Solutions

What can homeowners expect when it comes to the slope repair process? The most appropriate solution depends on the exact nature of the problem. However, there are several solutions that contractors typically explore. Keying and benching is one way to address slope damage to restore and replace earth materials. Geo-grids, which are made of plastic mesh, can also be used to correct slope damage. Reinforced concrete bars, known as shotcrete, are another solution for stabilization.

One solution that many contractors rely on to correct an unstable slope is retaining wall construction. Retaining walls are reinforced barriers that laterally support soil. As their name indicates, they “retain” the soil to keep hillside properties secure. They also work to mitigate soil failure as they stabilize the incline. Retaining walls can also be used to increase the usable yard space for sloped properties. This makes them a popular solution for hillside property owners in LA.

Los Angeles Slope Prevention

The best way to reduce the chance of requiring slope repair for your LA property is to focus on slope prevention. Prevention involves reinforcing your yard ahead of time so that problems don’t have the opportunity to arise. One way to properly protect your hillside property is to install a yard drainage system. Yard drainage systems are necessary for avoiding erosion and ensuring that rainwater is properly redirected off of the property.

Friction piles are another trusted solution for slope prevention. They are installed in areas vulnerable to soil movement and erosion. Installing a garden terrace or strategically placed plants can also help stabilize hillside properties. Many LA hillside homeowners also rely on retaining walls to stabilize their property before they notice slope repair is necessary. Retaining walls also make it possible to install other features in the backyard of hillside properties, such as a hillside swimming pool.

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Protect Your Property Today

If your Los Angeles home is built on a sloped property, it’s necessary to ensure that the slope is secured. Properties that are not secured run the risk of sliding off of the hill. Though this might sound extreme, LA weather interference such as earthquakes and landslides could spell disaster for your hillside home. Slope prevention is overall a necessary investment in the long-term health and safety of your building and the people living inside of it.

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