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Sometimes small changes make a big difference for Los Angeles homeowners, which is why the addition of a bathroom can truly optimize one’s living space. Bathroom additions are becoming extremely popular for LA homeowners, as they are a relatively small addition that can add many benefits to the home and its value.

Before embarking on a bathroom addition project, discover the types of LA bathroom additions, the estimated cost of the project, and the benefits of this type of construction work.

Bathroom addition
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Why Are Bathroom Addition Services Popular?

Bathroom addition services add a new room to the home in the form of a bathroom. Like kitchen addition services, bathroom additions are one of the most popular home addition projects. However, unlike kitchen additions, bathroom additions often involve adding new space rather than expanding existing space. However, this isn’t always the case. Many Los Angeles homeowners turn to home additional services to meet growing needs. 

Bathroom addition services are particularly popular for expanding families, as many couples wish to have separate bathrooms for adults and children. Bathroom additions are also useful for a home that sees many guests or people who require long-term stays. Many homeowners also add additional bathrooms to their homes to raise their property value, as bathroom additions are a trusted way to increase a home’s value.

How Are Bathroom Additions Added?

A common question that homeowners have is where exactly the bathroom addition is added. A small bathroom addition can be a very versatile project, which means there are many areas of the home that can be transformed, while space can also be added to the building if homeowners do not wish to use their existing home space for the bathroom addition.

Bathroom additions can be added to the end of a hallway, which is a convenient and popular location for adding a bathroom. Existing closet space can also be converted into a bathroom. Homeowners can also choose to build bathroom additions in spare bedrooms, garages, or laundry rooms. Plumbing considerations will have to be taken into account when determining the best place to add a bathroom.

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Types Of LA Bathroom Additions

There are multiple different types of bathroom additions. Some couples feel as though they have outgrown their existing bathroom and wish to build their dream master bathroom. Unused space in the home can therefore be transformed to make their dreams a reality. Other homeowners are planning to expand their families and prepare for children by building them their own bathroom space ahead of time.

Some Los Angeles homeowners wish to add a bathroom to a different level of their home, which can be particularly useful for guests with mobility problems. Another option is to convert a half bathroom into a full bathroom to add more functionality to the home. Homeowners overall have the option of converting existing space or adding on to their LA structure.

Benefits of LA Bathroom Additions

Bathroom additions are a project that brings high levels of client satisfaction. Bathrooms are areas of the home that many people use throughout the day for multiple reasons. Renovating and redesigning bathroom space, as well as adding more usable bathroom space, therefore brings high levels of satisfaction to LA homeowners. 

Bathroom additions are also financially beneficial to homeowners in Los Angeles. Bathroom additions add a lot of value to the home, with a full bathroom addition adding on average a fifth of the home’s existing value to the property value. Meanwhile, a half bath addition is estimated to add around a tenth of the value to the home. Therefore, bathroom additions are profitable projects that many homeowners consider for future financial gain.

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Bathroom Addition Costs In Los Angeles

As it is with any home addition or construction project, the price of a bathroom addition will be affected by multiple variables. Small bathroom additions can be achieved for several thousand dollars when existing spaces are converted into bathrooms. However, adding new space to the home will lead to more costs. However, it also will not use up existing square footage in the home. Meanwhile, it will increase property value considerably. 

The size of the bathroom addition will play a large role in the ultimate costs. Installations such as plumbing, air conditioning, and electricity have to be considered when adding new spaces. Additionally, the appliances that the homeowner selects will affect the price. However, the entire process can be simplified by budgeting the project with your home contractor. A contract will also be able to secure all necessary Los Angeles bathroom addition permits.

Choosing California Foundation Works

At California Foundation Works, we’re happy to be your one-stop-shop for your complete Los Angeles construction needs. Our team of experienced workers is proud to offer full renovation, retrofitting, installation, and construction work to LA homeowners to satisfy all home and property needs. From drafting the first plans to securing all permits to answering final questions, we will be there each step of the way to facilitate a stress-free project. 

We are happy to offer full home additions services to LA residents. Our home addition services include bathroom additions, kitchen additions, bedroom additions, full room additions, and room expansion services. Are you interested in expanding your Los Angeles home? Do you want to better utilize the space in your LA property? Call California Foundation Works today to get started on your home addition project!


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