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Kitchen Addition

When it comes to elevating your living space, you don’t have to change everything to reap enormous benefits. Kitchens are one area of the home where many LA homeowners spend considerable time, as they are used not just for eating but also for socializing. Many Los Angeles homeowners are turning to kitchen addition services to expand their kitchen spaces.

Discover what there is to know about kitchen additions and renovations, including how they can benefit you as a homeowner.

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What Are Kitchen Addition Services?

Kitchen addition services are one of the most popular home addition services on the market in LA. Home addition services either expand existing living spaces or add entire rooms onto the home to cost-effectively create extra square footage.

Since homes are already equipped with kitchens, most kitchen addition services involve expanding the existing kitchen space to create more usable space. Why would homeowners choose to widen their existing space? Since room addition services expand existing structures, they are often far more cost-effective than building new structures from scratch.

Kitchen addition

By transforming your current home into your dream home, homeowners can cut down on costs and avoid the hassle and expense of moving. That means that LA homeowners can turn to room addition services to obtain their dream living area in their current neighborhoods.

LA Kitchen Addition Possibilities

Expanding the kitchen space in your Los Angeles home means that there are many possibilities for a new kitchen layout, as well as a new kitchen design. Many LA homeowners use the kitchen addition process as a chance to completely remodel their kitchen space. In some cases, this is needed to make the area more family-friendly as families expand. Kitchen renovations also provide the ability to make the area accessible for residents with mobility issues or special needs.

Homeowners will receive the opportunity to select their kitchen layouts during kitchen additions, which include an island, parallel, L-shape, U-shape, open, gallery, or straight design. Additionally, homeowners can install new cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, tables, and more. All of the details of the project can be customized to meet the needs of the homeowner and reflect their style while maximizing the functionality of the space.

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Kitchen Addition

The Kitchen Addition Process

How exactly does the kitchen addition process work? To start the kitchen expansion, your home addition contractor will discuss your desired room transformation and your budget.

Once the details are in place, a professional kitchen addition plan can be designed and approved by the homeowner. Homeowners can then rely on their home addition contractor to obtain all necessary permits for their LA kitchen addition. What types of permits are necessary for kitchen additions in Los Angeles? All home renovation services will need to comply with the building restrictions, as well as local zone ordinances.

However, there are also specific permits that contractors will likely need to obtain for the kitchen addition since plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning services will all be used. Therefore, it is essential to select an experienced contractor for the job.
Once the permits are obtained, the project site is prepared. The home addition contractor will build the foundation and frame the structure. Additional steps include attending to the roofing, heating, plumbing, electrics, doors, windows, insulation, and drywall as the room is expanded. Contractors will complete the project by finishing the interior and fixing any landscaping that was moved by construction.

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Benefits of LA Kitchen Additions

Equipping your Los Angeles property with a kitchen addition is highly beneficial for homeowners. First of all, many homeowners reap enormous benefits from an expanded kitchen space. Kitchen addition services not only create a bigger space but they can be designed to improve the functionality and flow of the kitchen. This provides homeowners with the ability to navigate the needs of their kitchen area, which include cooking, eating, and socializing.

While kitchen addition services have a strong increase in homeowner satisfaction, they also are known to raise the value of the property. Adding extra square feet to your Los Angeles property is an excellent way to increase its value. Meanwhile, many prospective home buyers place great importance on kitchen space. Therefore, a renovated and expanded kitchen is one way to immediately increase the value and desire of your property.

Cost of Kitchen Additions In LA

Since home addition services expand existing spaces, they are more affordable than building new structures. However, homeowners will pay per square foot of expanded space. Many factors will affect the ultimate cost of the kitchen addition. Kitchen additions require consideration when it comes to plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, windows, doors, and insulation. Discussing your kitchen renovation needs and budget with a professional contractor will provide a clearer idea about project costs.

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In addition to kitchen addition services, we also offer complete home addition services. These services include bathroom additions, master bedroom additions, expanded living quarters, home offices, playrooms, home gyms, saunas, sunrooms, and any other type of room homeowners are interested in building. Are you considering home addition services in Los Angeles? Call today to start discussing the process!

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