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ADUs vs Room Additions

If you’re a Los Angeles homeowner who is seeking extra living space, then you’re not alone. Many homeowners in LA choose to undergo one of two popular construction services to add valuable square feet to their homes.

Discover the pros and cons of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and room additions to determine which service is the best choice for expanding your LA living space.

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LA Room Addition Benefits

Room addition and home addition services are excellent ways to expand your home. Home addition services can expand an existing space, such as through a kitchen addition. Room addition services can also add a completely new room to the structure.

Additionally, rooms can be built both outwards and upwards. That means that homeowners can select multi-story additions and aren’t limited to horizontal growth. Many families favor room addition services, especially as families grow.

Kitchen addition

Home addition services allow families to stay in their original home, while more space is created to accommodate more people. They are relatively hassle-free construction services that allow for the space in the home to be maximized and best utilized. Many homeowners appreciate both the extra space added and how more room can open up existing areas of the home.

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Los Angeles ADU Pros

ADUs are known by several names, including guest houses and granny pads. These compact living units contain all of the elements necessary for independent living, including a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and separate entrance from the main home. This makes an ADU a unique living unit that can be rented independently from the main property. Additionally, a Junior ADU (JADU) can also be built on single-family residential lots alongside an ADU and can also be rented by the homeowner.

ADUs are very versatile structures. They can be attached to the home or stand separate from it. They can also be converted from existing structures such as basements, attics, or garages. ADUs are used for many purposes such as home offices, studios, guest quarters, family rooms, and more. They can also serve as independent living units that can be rented for passive monthly income. Many retired couples and young families turn to ADUs for affordable living in desirable LA neighborhoods.

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Room addition

ADU & Room Addition Cons

Both ADUs and room additions are popular and trusted methods for adding valuable living space to Los Angeles structures. However, they are not without some potential downsides. Both ADUs and room additions can become costly.

However, working with a professional contractor will help homeowners map out a budget and discover their possibilities. Room additions are often limited to adding space that is attached to the home, while ADUs can be constructed outside of the home from existing structures or built from the ground up.

If structures are built outside of the home, then homeowners should keep in mind that this will take up more yard space. ADUs also must include bathroom space, while room additions don’t often add bathrooms. However, projects can be customized to meet varying needs.

Making Your Decision (ADU vs. Room Expansion)

If homeowners are looking to expand their space for more family members, then home addition services are likely the best choice. Home additions can create expanded kitchens and living rooms to accommodate growing families. They can also add room additions so that each child can have a separate bedroom. These services are also great for simply adding more usable living space.

ADUs are an excellent choice for someone who wants to house a family member or friend with a bit of distance. They allow for more privacy and make for great home offices. A major advantage that an ADU poses is that it can be rented independently from the main property. That means that single-family residential lot property owners in LA can add both an ADU and a JADU to their property for monthly income. This benefit makes ADUs quite popular in LA.

Call California Foundation Works For Your LA Construction Needs!

Whether you decide to add an ADU to your Los Angeles property or turn to home addition services, it’s important to consult a professional contractor. At California Foundation Works, we’re happy to walk you through the entire construction process. Our team will be there every step of the way from the initial consultation to obtaining all necessary work permits to completing the final touches.

At California Foundation Works, we want you to love where you live. Our team of contractors has decades of shared experience when it comes to repairing, retrofitting, and renovating homes in Los Angeles. Our goal is to help craft your space to best meet your needs as a homeowner and we are happy to be your one-stop-shop for making your construction dreams a reality. Are you interested in expanding your LA living space? Call us today to begin the process!


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