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Yard Drainage System Inspection

Nobody wants to deal with a broken yard drainage system, especially when an unexpected storm can strike at any time. Yard drainage failure can cause minor issues such as muddy kids and major problems such as a damaged home structure.

Discover how Los Angeles residents can protect their properties against draining system failure, including warning signs of damage, popular solutions, and details to know about LA yard drainage installations.

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Drainage System Failure Warning Signs

While some home repair problems are harder to detect, drainage system failure warning signs are fortunately easier to spot.

Areas of the yard that are affected by excess water will often become soggy and wilted. Excess water can cause vegetation to die, while pest infestations such as mosquitoes also indicate an issue with yard drainage systems.

If your children and dogs are often running through muddy patches or playing in pooling water, there is a very large chance that your yard drainage system needs an inspection.

waterpooling drainage

Yard erosion and impacted soil levels also indicate that the water in the property is being improperly drained. Yard drainage failure also has signs that homeowners can spot in the home. It’s always easiest to search for signs of water damage and drainage system failure after periods of heavy rain. However, many of these signs can be spotted at any time.

Water that enters the home can cause salt deposits on crawl space walls and lead to the presence of mold, fungus, bacteria, and other hazardous growths. It can also cause floorboards to rot, bend, and warp. Water intrusion due to a faulty drainage system can cause cracks and peeling paint inside or outside of the home. Homeowners can run a cursory inspection of their homes after storms to see if there is water inside the home, as well as unusual smells that could be attributed to bacteria and other growths.

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LA Yard Drainage Failure Prevention

There are many ways that water can damage LA properties both inside and outside of the home. But what can be done to address these issues or prevent them from occurring? Regular yard inspections are mandatory for ensuring that your Los Angeles drainage system is properly functioning. This involves scheduling time to inspect the premise and search for signs of water intrusion and drainage system failure. Homeowners also have the option to schedule a contractor for regular yard and drainage system inspections.

It’s important to check gutters for clogged areas and remove any debris. All drainage grates should be inspected for potential breaks or clogs, while broken parts will have to be replaced. In some cases, it might be necessary to adjust your watering patterns to make sure that you are not over-saturating your yard. Homeowners can also put thought into what plants they add to their landscaping, as this can influence the absorption of water in the soil. While these steps are all essential for preventing draining issues, it’s also necessary to discover which yard drainage system is the best for addressing the needs of your property.

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Los Angeles Drainage System Solutions

When it comes to selecting your LA yard drainage system, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are many trusted choices. There are several popular solutions on the market including French drains, channel and trench drains, sump pumps, and yard sloping services.

Additional LA drainage solutions include terracing, rounded grates, pop-up emitters, atrium grates, and flo-wells. Creative solutions such as incorporating creeks and rain beds into the yard can also be used to customize yard drainage options.

Often the best yard drainage solution for Los Angeles homeowners can be a combination of systems. Factors such as the type of soil in the yard, the nature of the drainage problem, the slope of the yard, and the aesthetic yard design desired can influence which yard drainage system will be installed. A professional contractor will best be able to evaluate the ideal solution or combination of solutions for your yard after examining the state of the property.

The Dry Season Advantage

While some homeowners believe that they can only install drainage systems during the rainy season when problems are more obvious, this isn’t the case. It can be highly beneficial to have a professional contractor make yard drainage installations and repairs during the dry season so that the property is protected before the rainy season begins. That means it’s important to act now when it comes to Los Angeles drainage system installations.

Ignoring yard drainage issues can cause costs to quickly escalate as problems worsen. Don’t allow standing yard water to find a way into your home and cause irreversible structural damage. Avoid costly foundation repairs and replacements by solving yard drainage issues as soon as they arise. Remember, it’s essential to be on the lookout for warning signs.

Why Choose California Foundation Works?

Drainage system failure can affect more than just your yard- it can threaten the property value and safety of your Los Angeles home. At California Foundation Works, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for keeping your LA property safe and secure. Our team offers complete yard drainage solutions to create customized plans for each of our customizers.

Yard drainage installations allow you to protect your yard and home foundation, which guarantees many safe and happy years for residents. We will send an expert contractor to evaluate your situation and provide the best solution for fully addressing your Los Angeles yard drainage needs. Our goal is to keep your yard drainage system functioning at full capacity for many successful years to come.

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