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Homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area might have a prime piece of real estate, but they also must contend with extreme and unpredictable weather. From flash storms to seismic activity, not every day is peaceful despite the consistently beautiful weather. That’s why LA homeowners need to invest in the right backyard drainage system to keep their property safe. Read on to learn what homeowners should know about yard drainage problems and water damage issues to find the best yard drainage system for your home. From the yard inspection to the process, cost, and available yard drainage installation services, discover everything you need to know about yard drainage systems for Los Angeles homeowners.

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Yard Drainage Necessity

Having a yard drainage contractor isn’t a luxury- it should be a necessity for Los Angeles homeowners. Yard drainage repairs and installations are needed to ensure a healthy home and property. Faulty yard drainage can cause water to pool in the yard, which can kill vegetation and lead to pest infestations. When water enters the home, serious and expensive costs can arise. Water intrusion can cause harmful molds, fungi, and bacteria to grow and jeopardize the health of residents. It can also cause serious structural damages that could require a foundation repair or even replacement. Therefore, installing a backyard drainage system should be viewed as a preemptive investment in protecting the property from costly and dangerous damage.

Yard Drainage Solutions

When it comes to selecting the right yard drainage installation solution, there is no one-size-fits-all system. The right backyard drainage solution will depend on the needs of the yard. French drains are a trusted solution for removing groundwater, while homeowners often rely on trench and channel drains to remove surface water. Installing a sump pump inside your home is recommended for low area homes or houses that contain a basement. Sometimes the best yard drainage solution is a combination of systems. A yard drainage contractor will be able to determine the best yard drainage system to address the unique needs of the property. 

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Yard Drainage Repair Process

Are you noticing soggy areas in your yard or intrusive moisture in your LA home? Now what? The first step is contacting a yard drainage contractor. A professional contractor will be able to determine weak areas in your yard through an initial inspection. This will allow for a custom solution to be determined to address the exact needs of the yard and prevent further backyard drainage issues. Working with a yard drainage contractor will remove the stress of planning and approval from the homeowner, as the contractor will be able to design the yard drainage repair or installation and confirm the details with the homeowner. 

Yard Drainage Costs

The number one factor that keeps LA homeowners from their yard drainage installations is fears over cost. However, the cost of any yard drainage repair or installation services dwarves in comparison to the cost of water damage. Water damage can devastate a home and require invasive structural repair. Therefore, yard drainage installations are always a wiser way for homeowners to spend their money. When it comes to calculating yard drainage cost, it depends on the system installation. Sometimes simple spot solutions are necessary, while other times more complex installations are required. Costs will rise when yard drainage installation requires more excavation. For example, having to dig up concrete to install a yard drainage system will be more costly than installing it in an easier-to-access area of the property. 


Yard Drainage Benefits

Overall, installing a yard drainage system will have enormous benefits for LA homeowners. Yards that lack drainage systems become soggy, muddy, and unpleasant to use. They can harbor mosquitos and become disaster areas for dogs and small kids to play in. Installing a yard drainage system makes your backyard space usable and preserves your landscape design. Meanwhile, yard drainage systems protect the structure of the home and prevent harmful growths from affecting the health of homeowners. Therefore, yard drainage installations can be considered a necessary investment in the health of the Los Angeles property and its residents. 

Yard Drainage Maintenance

While yard drainage installations are permanent backyard drainage solutions, they do require routine maintenance. Yards should regularly be inspected to ensure that drainage systems are running smoothly. It’s important to check gutters for clogs and snake them if the flow of water is obstructed. Likewise, yard drainage systems should be monitored for clogs, while broken grates should be attended to. Any soggy areas of the yard should also be addressed. Don’t have time for yard maintenance? Yard drainage contractors can be scheduled for routine yard maintenance so that Los Angeles homeowners don’t have to worry about keeping up with the health of their property. 


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