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What Is Concrete Repair Used For?

Concrete is an incredibly strong material that is used all over the home and property for a variety of different purposes. However, despite its strength, damage can occur to the concrete over time. While concrete replacement requires breaking down the existing concrete, removing the concrete, and applying a brand new mixture, repair services offer a far most cost-effective and convenient way to fix concrete damages and restore the original appearance of the concrete for the homeowner.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Concrete Issues?

Commons signs of concrete issues include concrete that is uneven, cracking, shifting, settling, dirty, stained, cracked, chipped, broken around the edges, flaking, or dusty. These issues can be attributed to freezing and thawing, plastic shrinkage cracks, reinforced steel corrosion, and more.

What Are Some Common Concrete Damage Causes?

While some home repair projects require an expert evaluation, concrete damage is rather easy to spot in most cases. Concrete that is accumulating a layer of dirt, grime, or stains likely hasn’t been adequately finished or sealed.

The impact of heavy objects can also cause cracking and breaking in the concrete, while factors such as time can lead to surface deterioration, a worn appearance, and a crumbling surface. Other causes for concrete damage include improper original installation, water penetration, and faulty adjacent drainage systems.

What Solutions Are Available For Damaged Concrete?

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Damaged concrete provides a visual eyesore, as well as a nuisance for walking. Concrete repair services can be used to fill in the gaps and cracks in damaged concrete to restore its original appearance. Using a flexible, sturdy, and UV-resistant sealant will provide for the most long-lasting results. However, it is important to first determine if your concrete problems are cosmetic or the results of a more serious structural or soil issue. For this reason, it is important to consult a professional contractor for your concrete repair project. Additionally, a professional will be able to provide you with information on how to keep your concrete fixture protected while it dries to not interfere with the repair process.

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How Are Concrete Repairs Done?

The method of concrete repair depends on the extent of the situation. Small cracks will require simple chiseling and an application of a misted concrete mixture. Larger cracks and uneven slabs are most commonly treated with slab stitching, which requires cutting the slab along the crack in order to fix it.
Then, new rebar dowels are inserted to connect the new and old slab and new concrete is poured and level to match and with the existing level to provide a new flat walking area.

Can Concrete Repairs Be Done By Yourself?

While the repair process for concrete is relatively straight-forward in simple cases, professional help will be needed to provide the most long-lasting and efficient results. Overall, professional expertise and experience can be the deciding factors in the long-term success of your project. Proper training and tools will be needed to guarantee the best results, especially for major concrete repair, which can provide a much more complicated and delicate project.

Is Concrete Repair Long-lasting?

Yes. Thanks to the wide variety of products that can seal and protect your concrete, a successful professional concrete repair can guard you concrete against stains, rust, wear and tear, cracks, chips, residue, and fading.
To ensure that your concrete remains in its best shape, be sure the concrete is properly protected with an appropriate sealant after the repairs have been made.

Can Any Concrete Around The Home Be Repaired?

Concrete repair services can be performed in a variety of areas around the home, including living spaces, driveways, parking areas, exterior walkways, patios, light structure pads, concrete steps, pool decks, garages, and basement floors.

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Why Us?

At California Foundation Works, it’s our goal to offer top of the line services for each one of our projects. We put in the time and details necessary to address our clients’ needs and offer services that most completely attend to their unique situation. Our experts work within our clients’ budgets and time constraints to provide premium services that are custom-made for individual needs.

Our team offers a variety of methods and repair services for damaged concrete, including driveway repair, cracked concrete slab repair, and multiple other concrete services.


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