Hillside Stabilization & Pool Construction

When you look into your Los Angeles backyard, do you notice anything missing? Perhaps it’s your dream to build a pool, but you think this notion is just a fantasy due to the steep slope of your property.

The good news is that even hillside homeowners can reap the full enjoyment of their backyard space whether they wish to use it for a pool, patio, garden, or more. The key to getting the most out of your hillside property is hillside stabilization.

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Hillside Stabilization 101

Hillside property owners know that the arrangement of their yard poses a unique challenge. However, there are solutions for stabilizing hillside homes and optimizing outdoor space.

You can achieve Hillside stabilization by installing a retaining wall. Retaining walls laterally support the soil, working to flatten the base of slopes hillside properties and safely increase usable living space.

These professionally installed walls are a saving grace for many hillside properties. The majority of retaining walls in Los Angeles are made out of concrete blocks similar to the materials used in home foundations.

The process of laying a retaining wall is similar to laying a home foundation. Stabilization is reached through rebar support for a secure base. Some choose to install retaining walls constructed out of concrete and rebar depending on the needs of the property. Additionally, interlocking concrete blocks consist of a third retaining wall option.

Hillside Pools Are Possible!

Thanks to hillside stabilization methods, installing a hillside pool is very much possible. Hillside pools are defined as pools that require grade beams to support the pool foundation due to the angle of the slope. Pools can be constructed on inclines at 45-degrees or more with the right crew.

One of the best examples of a hillside pool is an infinity-edge pool.
The vanishing edges of infinity pools create a breathtaking view that showcases the Los Angeles landscape. Water spills over the side and vanishes into a concealed reservoir to give the illusion of a border that never ends. A hillside property pool construction also opens up the opportunity for more usable backyard space. Infinity pool basins can be built so that there is a low patio surrounding the pool. This way, homeowners can enjoy outdoor lounging and incorporate patio furniture into their outdoor design.

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Hillside Pool Process

Constructing a hillside pool, such as an infinity pool, does require specialty work. Construction materials and engineering pumps are needed, so this is a process that can only be completed professionally. If the infinity pool design is desired, extra steps must be taken to disguise the back wall of the pool and create the never-ending illusion. Infinity pools, however, aren’t the only option for a hillside pool.

Some homeowners prefer adding a wall against the pool to create a waterfall that enters the pool on a seemingly endless loop. Professional contractors can design the pool to meet the exact taste of the client, adding ornamentation like light fixtures, plants, and customized layouts. Therefore, having your house located on a hillside property does not limit the possibilities when it comes to installing a pool in your yard.

Hillside Stabilization Benefits

Hillside stabilization is a highly beneficial and recommended process that opens up many possibilities for homeowners. The extra usable yard space can be optimized for a hillside pool installation, patio, gathering area, farmland, or gardening. However, hillside property stabilization also adds invaluable protection to the home. Retaining walls offer protection against landslides for hillside homes.

Residents of the greater Los Angeles area know that landslides, storms, and earthquakes are always an underlying threat. Having a defense system put in place ahead of time will mitigate the damage of the next natural disaster, protecting both residents and the property value. Therefore, installing a retaining wall is a recommended procedure for hillside homes.

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