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Are you looking to optimize the space in your Los Angeles backyard or considering relocating your garage to a more suitable location? This is where Garage Relocation comes in.

Garage relocation is the procedure of designing and moving a structure on your property to a different part of your property or to another property you own. It involves inspection of the structure, planning the moving procedure and carrying it out securely and in a professional manner.
Garage relocation is a service we offer to LA property owners. Want to know more about garage relocation? keep on reading

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Why To Relocate Your Garage?

For most people, building a new garage is a big investment and isn’t always the necessary solution. When it comes to relocating or moving your garage, you want to make sure that you get the most experienced and qualified professionals for the job.

California Foundation Works has been relocating and moving garages, big and small, for over 10 years and there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done. Our most common jobs include relocating or lifting a garage. This is sometimes necessary in order to install a new foundation where an old one has failed or to open up space leading up to the backyard or driveway.

We can also move your garage from one location to another, or rotate it to fit your needs. California Foundation Works is insured and bonded, and fully licensed in the state of California.

How Do We Relocate Your Garage?

We provide the engineering, design and fabrication for even the most unusual or challenging structure relocation, house relocation, and garage building relocation. Our commitment to serving you in a timely manner has made us one of California’s leading garage movers.

Your garage structure is in good hands with California Foundation Works, we go above and beyond to design a safe and secure moving procedure.
Our many years of experience allow us to provide you with professional service using the best equipment our industry has to offer.

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Why To Choose Us For Your Garage Relocation?

With over a decade of experience in garage relocation, construction, and structural repair services, California Foundation Works offers expert services for all your garage relocation needs.

Our services include all types of garage construction, structure relocation, and foundation footing. We combine quality craftsmanship with a strong work ethic. We have years of expertise in the industry. Finding a foundation contractor at truly competitive prices has never been easier. We have a proven track record in both quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, and our long list of happy clients attests to our high caliber of service.

We are confident that you will be equally satisfied with our professional garage relocating service.
Our services include raising, shoring, and relocating all sizes and types of garage structures and buildings.


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