Pool Deck Repair

Many Los Angeles homeowners have swimming pools in their yard to enjoy the many benefits of the year-round sunny weather. Swimming pool installation often raises property value and increases homeowner enjoyment.

However, homeowners may be starting to notice that the area around their pool is not as nice as it once was. Discover everything you need to know about pool deck repair and pool deck resurfacing in the greater Los Angeles area.

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LA Pool Deck Repair 101

When it comes to pools in Los Angeles, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. Pool deck repair and resurfacing can protect your pool deck surface for many successful years of enjoyment to come. Selecting the right Los Angeles contractor is essential for ensuring that your pool deck repair is completed by experts, which can prevent more problems from occurring down the line. Pool deck resurfacing, refinishing, resealing, and crack repair services are all beneficial for extending the lifespan of your LA pool.

Homeowners want smooth and even pool decks for many reasons. Slanted, sloped, cracked, and settling surfaces can be dangerous. Children using the water can get hurt. Pool deck damages are also aesthetically displeasing. Restoring the pool deck can elevate the backyard’s appeal for an attractive outdoor area that homeowners can take pride in.

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Pool Deck Repair Signs & Causes

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How do you know if your pool deck requires repairs? Often the signs become apparent when using the pool. When the concrete surrounding the pool settles or dips, uneven surfaces form. Concrete can also protrude in different sections and settle in others for an uneven appearance. Another clear indicator of an issue is a crack or multiple cracks in the pool deck surface.

Some homeowners also turn to pool deck resurfacing services to rejuvenate the pool deck appearance if it has degraded over time.

How do pool decks become damaged? The initial pool construction can often cause settlement issues to form over the years due to soil disruption. When the pool is filled with concrete during the installation, loose soil in the area can compress due to the slab weight. This can cause sections of the pool concrete to settle or sink. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right contractor for your Los Angeles pool installation. Fortunately, repair solutions can solve current problems and prevent future issues.

Pool Deck Repair Solutions

Pool deck resurfacing is a population and trusted solution because it is reliable and low maintenance. Rather than remove the entire pool deck, pool deck resurfacing adds a thin layer of material on the top of the slab. Resurfacing allows your LA pool to be customized however you want. There are many different design combinations you can select.
Resealing is a smart choice if the pool deck is in good condition but could benefit from a protective coating.

On the other hand, refinishing allows the surface to be touched up before being fortified. Additionally, crack repair serves two purposes. First, it ensures the structural stability of the pool. However, the cracked area can also be fixed or altered to make it aesthetically pleasing. Contractors can turn cracks into decorative designs for a structurally sound and attractive LA poolside area.

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Los Angeles Concrete Coatings

Pool repair can easily turn into a fun project that allows your outdoor area to experience a redesign. LA homeowners can add coloring, stamping, stenciling, or spraying to create the desired effect in their pool deck.

Stamped overlays are favored by many Los Angeles homeowners for adding elegance and design to their pool decks. Contractors can apply overlays to the existing concrete to create different color and texture options.

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Los Angeles homeowners can enjoy the appeal of wood, stone, brick, or paving on their customizable pool deck. They can also stick with classic decks that are easy to maintain, walk on, and clean. Discuss your aesthetic and functional needs with your contractor to discover which pool deck resurfacing option will best meet your needs. Enjoy both functionality and aesthetic appeal for many successful years as a Los Angeles pool owner.

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