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Los Angeles property owners must keep their buildings extra secure with the ever-present threat of seismic activity. Since seismic activity is such an imminent threat on Los Angeles homes, it is even more urgent for hillside homes to take safety measures to ensure their structural endurance.

Because hillside homes are in a higher risk category, it is important that the homeowners will often inspect their property for any signs of deterioration of the foundation or any cracks around the house that can indicate damage. If you see any cracks, it is important to bring a professional to assess the situation and perform hillside foundation repair. Want to know what hillside foundation repair means? what are the available solutions? Read more about it in this post

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Hillside Services Include:

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Hillside Retrofitting

LA homeowners are aware that earthquake retrofits are a necessity for having safe homes. Hillside retrofits are crucial for resident safety and property value protection, as they secure houses that are built on steep slopes. This process allows the foundation to support the entirety of the home’s structure and withstand the entire weight of the home despite the slant. 

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Hillside Leveling

Hillside leveling is a trusted solution for both stabilizing a home and expanding usable property space. Hillside leveling solutions work to use proper footing to secure the structure and create more yard space. This can allow for installations such as hillside pool services and expanded backyard opportunities. It also prevents homeowners from having slanted floors and concerns about their structural safety

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Hillside Drainage

Yard drainage is an element of any healthy property, but hillside homeowners know that they sometimes require unique solutions for their homes. Sloped properties can become victims of runoff rainwater, which is why it’s essential to have yard drainage systems that can handle large quantities of surface water, while also being able to manage groundwater. The best hillside drainage solution is often a combination of popular yard drainage options.

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What is Hillside Foundation Repair?

Houses that are built on very steep hillsides often require more extensive solutions when it comes to securing the structure. A basic seismic retrofit involves bolting the house to the foundation and adding plywood to the cripple walls for reinforcement. However, this process is usually insufficient to withstand strong earthquake forces when the structure is located on a severely sloped property.

What should hillside homeowners do to secure their properties in the event of seismic activity? That depends on the unique variables of the home. Each hillside earthquake retrofit is a unique situation that requires a custom solution. It must therefore be planned by a professional structural engineer.

With that in mind, the basic goal of any seismic retrofit is to secure the home to the foundation. The hillside home needs to be thoroughly secured so that it will not detach completely and slide downhill. Multiple unique solutions can be explored to fortify a hillside structure and prevent it from being damaged during earthquakes. However, it is always essential to ensure that the foundation is strong enough to support the entire structure.

How Can I Finance My Hillside Foundation Repair?

Home repair services can be costly, while hillside retrofits and repairs are often even more expensive. These properties pose unique challenges to contractors, though there are many methods for addressing and securing hillside homes. Furthermore, there are options that homeowners can turn to when it comes to financing their hillside foundation retrofit and repair projects in Los Angeles. 

LA homeowners should consider a hillside repair or retrofit a necessary investment in the future of their homes, as seismic activity is a reality for Los Angeles homeowners and it is crucial to keep homes secure. Homeowners must examine their insurance plans and see if foundation repair is covered. Homeowners can often customize their home insurance plans to cover foundation needs and earthquake care in the event of extreme weather.

What if your insurance doesn’t cover foundation repair? There is always the option to take out a bank loan for your hillside foundation repair. This is a common way to finance the project, as many homeowners rely on home equity and other bank loans to fund their home repair work. These options can be explored with mortgage companies while refinancing options are also a solution. It’s also important to find a trusted home contractor who will devise a clear and honest payment plan that works within the homeowner’s budget.

What Can Cause Damage To My Hillside House?

Poor drainage leads to shifting soil, and other issues that are common in Los Angeles County and Southern CA.

Slope repair and hillside repair are very important in maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Steep slopes, tension cracks, recent erosion, and massive vegetation of trees and tree roots may indicate a slope is in need of reinforcement.

This should be addressed promptly, before more serious shifts in the soil cause more severe damage. Ways to reinforce hillsides and slopes are Retaining Wall Installations, Concrete Slab Reinforcement, Drainage Systems, Erosion Control, and Caisson Foundation.


Don’t Delay Your LA Hillside Foundation Repair!

While many homeowners might be tempted to delay hillside foundation retrofits, this is one home repair project that should never be pushed to the side. Earthquakes are a very real scenario for Los Angeles homeowners, and unprotected homes leave residents at risk for serious injury, while also threatening the property value of the home when seismic activity strikes.

Hillside foundation repair cannot be delayed, because it is crucial for the structural stability of the property. Hillside retrofits both prevent homes from sliding off of the property when earthquakes occur and stop the home from buckling in on itself during earthquakes. Retrofits are needed to fortify the structure and secure it in place, which is especially crucial for hillside properties. The value of this project far outweighs any initial costs.

Why Choose California Foundation Works?

At California Foundation Works, we provide hillside foundation repair and retrofitting services to homeowners in Los Angeles. As specialists in the structural and foundation repair industry, our goal is to make sure California homes are safe and secure for complete homeowner satisfaction.

Our team provides all types of hillside retrofitting upgrades including foundation replacement and repair, earthquake retrofit, foundation bolting, and cripple wall bracing. We pride ourselves in clear communication, as we always devise clear payment plans with our clients on an individual basis that don’t have any hidden fees or last-minute charges. Let our experts help you secure your hillside home with a solid foundation.


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