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What Is Concrete Resurfacing Used For?

Concrete resurface is a powerful product that provides durability to damaged or aged concrete slabs to restore them to their original look and strength.

The goal of concrete resurfacing is to create adhesion to seal and strengthen the existing concrete and provide it with a fresh appeal and extended lifespan in a process that is easier and more cost-effective than complete concrete slab replacement.

Where Can Concrete Resurfacing Be Used?

Concrete resurfacing can be used in a variety of areas in the home and property to resurface cracked and damaged concrete in living spaces, driveways, parking areas, exterior walkways, patios, light structure pads, concrete steps, pool decks, garages, and basement floors. From standard concrete resurfacing to more complicated custom resurfacing designs, the right contractor will be able to handle any resurfacing project.

When Is Concrete Resurfacing Needed?

If your driveway, patio, walkway, or other concrete fixture is beginning to show its age, then you are faced with two main options. You can demolish and remove the concrete installation and find a new way to occupy the area, or you can resurface the concrete to return it to its original appearance. Concrete resurfacing provides new life for stained, cracked, discolored, and chipped concrete to create a cost-effective way to resolve aging concrete.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Concrete Issues?

Commons signs of concrete issues include concrete that is uneven, cracking, shifting, settling, dirty, stained, chipped, broken around the edges, flaking, or dusty.

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How Is A Concrete Slab Evaluated For Resurfacing?

While concrete resurfacing provides a cost-effective method for repairing damaged concrete, as opposed to complete slab replacement, it isn’t appropriate for all situations. In extreme cases of concrete damage, a complete replacement will be needed, though this isn’t always the case. Resurfacing can often be used if the slab is cracked partially but not entirely through, as well as when the damage is strictly cosmetic.

Small chips, cracks, and spalls can often be treated with concrete resurfacing, while severe damage will most likely require replacement. A professional contractor can help you determine which solution is best for your situation.

What Are The Most Common Concrete Applications And Finishes?

Common concrete applications and finishes include specialty colors, stains, and additions, smooth towel finishes, slip-resistant brush texture finishes, stamped concrete (stone, brick, or tile look), and surfacing irrigation pipes or drainage systems.

How Does The Concrete Resurfacing Process Work?

Concrete resurfacing is a straight-forward process, though it is always best to work with a professional contractor for the most long-lasting and reliable results. The outcome of the concrete resurfacing project depends on the preparation, which involves pressure-washing the concrete slab, removing any stains from the concrete, and using a concrete patch product to repair any damage.

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If stains are not removed before the application of the product, they will run the risk of seeping through the material. After cleaning, the resurfacing overlay will be evenly poured over the concrete to cover any cracks or blemishes. It’s important to allow an appropriate amount of time for the new concrete to dry, leaving the homeowner with a freshly smoothed surface.


Will One Coat Of Resurfacer Complete My Resurfacing Project?

The majority of resurfacing projects require at least one, and sometimes two, additional coats of resurfacer. This will provide a smooth and secure finish, though texture can be added in the final coat if desired.

Can Concrete Resurfacer Be Used At Any Time Of The Year?

It is not recommended that you use concrete resurfacer in cold weather. It should be a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit before any concrete resurfacing application takes place. You will also need to ensure that the temperature does not drop for at least 24 hours after the application. Additionally, concrete resurfacing should not be done in full sun or during periods of precipitation.

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