Many LA property owners are already aware of the benefits that an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can offer. Junior Accessory Dwelling Units are another beneficial type of structure that your Los Angeles property could benefit from including.

Whether you already have an ADU or are considering expanding, find out how a Junior ADU can elevate your Los Angeles living situation for extra space and additional income.

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What is a Junior ADU?

ADUs in LA received a major change in 2020 when state bills AB 68 and AB 881 allowed the same single-family lot to have both an ADU and a Junior ADU.

Since only one ADU is allowed per lot, the optional addition of a Junior ADU has changed the California living situation, especially in major cities such as Los Angeles.

Like an ADU, a JADU is a miniature living unit that is allowed to exist on a single-family residential lot. While it can’t be sold independently from the main living area, it can be rented out. That means homeowners could have the main house, an ADU, and a JADU on the same lot.

However, a homeowner must be living in either the JADU or the main home before renting out the other space. This is not the case for ADUs, as a homeowner could rent out both the main property and the ADU

Junior ADU Advantages

Junior ADU are a great way to make extra income

Junior ADU can be a space for whatever you dream of

Junior ADU can be an additional granny pad for your relatives

Junior ADU Requirements

Junior ADU must ave a separate entrance from main dwelling and mandated kitchen requirement

Junior ADU can't be larger than 500 square feet

Junior ADU must be built within the existing or proposed home or accessory structure

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Starting the Process For Junior ADU

Are you interested in building an ADU or Junior ADU in Los Angeles?

At California Foundation Works, we have the expertise and experience needed to guide you through the process. First, it’s important to do your research and discover what will work best for your property. We’re happy to provide a free inspection, answer questions, and discuss what a potential project would look like for you, the homeowner. We also will provide an estimate and discuss your financing options and expectations.

While the process may seem overwhelming, we’ll be able to guide you through each step. From drafting plans to obtaining necessary approvals and meeting full city and state requirements, we’ll make sure that your JADU or ADU exceeds your expectations. Keep in mind that not only do ADUs and JADUs create invaluable space, but they are also likely to drive up your property value when it comes time to sell your home.


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