Swale Yard Drainage

Yards need to be equipped with proper drainage systems to prevent excess water from swamping the property and entering the home or crawl space. However, this doesn’t mean that the drainage system has to interfere with the aesthetic arrangement of the yard.

By seeking a decorative solution for landscaping drainage, you can solve your drainage problems in a stylish way that will allow the yard to retain its curb appeal.

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Beauty and Benefits of Swale Yard Drainage

Decorative drainage can enhance your lawn drainage system without interfering with the appeal of the yard. It can even improve your yard design by offering aesthetically appealing landscaping drainage solutions. The idea behind decorative drainage is to allow excess rainwater to gradually sink into the soil to eliminate standing water and avoid the risk of flooding. Decorate drainage allows homeowners to reclaim their yards and nurture their vegetation without having to sacrifice design.

Excess rainwater needs to be removed from the yard to protect the property from the harmful effects of water damage. Pooling water can kill vegetation and lead to pest breeding and infestation. Even worse, water can leak into the home and cause mold, fungi, bacteria, and other dangerous damage. In critical cases, intrusive water can lead to structural damage. Avoid these costly problems by discovering the best decorative yard drainage solution for your property.

Swale Drainage Solutions

Swales are garden drainage solutions that channel stormwater away from the yard through contoured depressions. Runoff water is filtered through swales by gently sinking into the soil.

In high rain density yards, a perforated pipe can be placed underneath the swale to assist with rapid water removal to an appropriate channel. You can decorate swales to resemble meadows and creek beds to boost the appeal of the yard. Plants lining the swales absorb much of the excess water, preventing the soil from being over-saturated and flooded. Swales can be lined with grasses, decorative rocks, ferns, flowers, and any variety of greenery.

Though homeowners can build small swales on their own, it’s best to consult with a professional to ensure maximum drainage capability and construction. When completed, swales offer ideal garden drainage while creating a beautiful area of greenery for the yard.

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Radiant Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are another decorated drainage solution that merges functionality with style. Rain gardens use shallow catch basins that are planted as flower beds to allow water to catch and slowly filter into the soil during rainfall. Rather than channel the water out of the yard like swales, rain gardens provide a place where the water can pool and be used for creating beautiful plant growth. You can even use rain gardens as butterfly or bird habitats.

To properly construct a rain garden without being left with soggy soil, it’s best to call in the professionals for this decorative drainage solution. When properly designed, rain gardens create beautiful destinations to channel runoff yard and driveway water. They can feature a wide array of plants and flowers that will entirely conceal the fact that the area is a lawn drainage solution.

Permeable Paving Options

A particularly well-concealed decorative drainage option uses permeable paving to prevent puddles on patios, walkways, and driveways. Placing quick-draining gravel underneath paving material fitted with small gaps allows water to seep through the decorative top layer and filter into the soil. The result is a well-paved driveway that never has to contend with pooling water.

You can construct this type of driveway with plastic grids, concrete pavers fitted with voids, or porous asphalt or concrete. This yard drainage solution works best on gentle inclines and requires professional installation for the best results.

Quick-draining driveways offer an invaluable lawn drainage solution that omits traditional drains altogether for the most aesthetically appealing option.


Favoring the French Drain

One yard drainage solution that has maintained its popularity throughout the years also appeals to aesthetic needs. French drains are a decorative drainage design that will remove surface water without upsetting the design of the yard.

Since they direct water away from the home, they are often used to keep water out of basements to protect the home structure.French drain installation involves digging a trench and filling it with a perforated pipe covered in gravel. The soil is replaced over the drain so that no parts or pipes stick out of the ground.

To further prevent surface water from gathering, the soil around the French drain can be graded by a contractor during the drain installation. In some cases, your yard might benefit from a trench drain installation instead, which can also be installed underground to redirect rainwater.


Growing Useful Greenery

Yards contending with landscaping drainage issues due to a high water table can turn to water-loving plants to mitigate drainage issues appealingly. High water tables can lead to an oversaturation of soil that will cause greenery to die, leaving your yard lacking. However, wetland and river plants perform well in water-dense areas. By introducing wetland plants and trees to your property, you can solve your yard drainage needs while maintaining the desired greenery.

Another option for contending with high water tables is to raise the planting areas. Though effective, this is a more expensive option. Overall, it is beneficial to discover which plants will thrive best in your yard to cultivate your property with attractive greenery that can serve a purpose when it comes to your landscaping and garden drainage needs.

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