ADU Foundation Repair and Replacement

Accessory Dwelling Units, known as ADUs, are enormously popular in the greater Los Angeles area.

These mini living units can be utilized for extra space or used for profitable ventures. However, they do require normal home maintenance measures. Read on to learn more about how to maintain your ADU foundation.

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Los Angeles ADU

ADUs are a form of affordable housing that can be built on single-family residential lots. One ADU unit is allowed per lot, with each structure containing living space, kitchen space, and bathroom space.

All Los Angeles ADUs must meet specific regulations, making maintenance work particularly important. Therefore, professional contractors are needed for ADU projects.

ADUs are tiny homes that come with great potential. Though their forms differ, ADUs share many similar characteristics. One can find attached, detached, and converted ADUs throughout the Los Angeles area. Attached ADUs are connected to the home, though they contain separate entrances. Detached ADUs are often more expensive, though their separation from the main home creates more privacy.

Lastly, many choose to save money by converting existing space into ADUs. Garages, attics, and basements can all be renovated to fit ADU requirements.

Assessing Your ADU

Many people believe that since ADUs are newer structures, they won’t have foundation issues. Unfortunately, even newer structures can suffer from foundation problems and require foundation repair. In cases of construction failure, some ADUs might require revision work. Other conditions like unstable base soil, intruding tree roots, local construction disruption, and natural wear and tear can cause problems to appear in the ADU foundation.
Since the main property owner also owns the ADU, they are responsible for maintaining both structures. Therefore, routine inspections and maintenance are needed to ensure that the ADU foundation is in good shape.

Since the ADU is smaller, inspections will be easier. Look for cracks in the foundation, loose materials, doors and windows that have difficulty opening or closing, water intrusion, or a visible slant to the exterior structure. If the ADU is located in a converted basement, check for damp crawl spaces and signs of excess moisture.

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ADU Repair Options

If you noticed issues with your ADU foundation, it’s necessary to book a professional inspection. It’s important to remember that ADUs must meet certain requirements, which means that building or repairing an ADU is not a DIY project. Fortunately, the cost of building and maintaining an ADU is often offset by the potential profits of owning such a structure.
ADU foundation repair options might be needed if problems begin to appear in the structure.

Homeowners should never cover cracks themselves since they might be indicative of larger problems in the foundation. A professional will be able to assess if parts of the structure need to be repaired or replaced to be safe and up to code. Sometimes this might involve repair options such as sister foundation installation or foundation underpinning retrofits.
Permits must be obtained for ADU work, with the city approving of the project.

Houses will also be required to pass city inspections throughout the ADU process. Working with a reliable professional will ensure that your ADU project is done right the first time to minimize the need for future repairs. Therefore, it can be easy to maintain both a healthy main unit and ADU.

The ADU Advantage

It’s important to keep your ADU in good condition. These tiny homes can be used by homeowners for many reasons. ADUs can be converted into a home office or used as a family or game room to provide space away from the main house.

ADUs can also be used to house loved ones during extended visits or periods of hardships. Such living space is particularly advantageous during the current time. ADUs are also very profitable structures to own in popular cities such as Los Angeles. Many choose to rent their ADU units out for additional monthly income. The ADU structure can be rented apart from the main home, allowing it to be used for both long term and short term renting ventures. Many empty nesters seek ADUs for downsized living, while young people entering into their careers often require more affordable housing options.

The need for affordable housing is now greater than ever. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your ADU foundation healthy so that the unit can be enjoyed for many profitable and successful years to come.


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