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Garage Relocation & Lot Subdivision

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a popular way for Los Angeles homeowners to create extra space, as well as earn a passive monthly income. Many LA property owners are turning to garage conversion projects to equip their single-family residential lot with an ADU for extra income or expanded living space.

Discover everything Los Angeles homeowners need to know about garage relocation projects, including the benefits of subdividing a lot, financial gain opportunities, and current regulations.


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Los Angeles Garage Relocation

Are you considering garage relocation on the same property? Here is what Los Angeles homeowners should know. Garage relocation projects are often done to better utilize the yard space.

The project involves designing and moving one property structure to a different area of the property. It essentially involves lifting and relocating the original garage structure. People often choose to relocate their garages on their properties to save money, as it can be expensive to build a new garage and is, therefore, more cost-effective to move an existing structure.

Garage Relocation

Garage relocation services are also beneficial for installing structurally supportive foundations or opening up backyard space if the current garage situation is not pleasing to the homeowner. Garage relocations can also facilitate ADU construction.


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Same Property Garage Relocation Process

How do garage relocations work? This process involves designing and engineering a transfer of the existing structure. LA homeowners can turn to an experienced contractor to devise a safe plan for carefully moving the garage and relocating it on the property. If the original garage foundation has been damaged over time, it can then be fortified by our team at California Foundation Works.

Meanwhile, the space where the garage previously stood can be redesigned for other purposes. Many Los Angeles homeowners who undergo garage relocations decide to subdivide their lots and use the relocated garage as an ADU, which is an attractive way to both create space and secure passive monthly ADU income.

Garage Relocation Costs & Considerations

Naturally, there are pros and cons to garage relocation and renovation projects. Turning an existing structure into an ADU is often far cheaper than building an ADU from the ground up. However, not all garage spaces are ideal for the project. Garages that require extensive renovations could end up costing more money to convert than it would cost to build a new structure. Contractors will be able to evaluate the condition of the current garage to best provide homeowners with an evaluation on which project would be the most cost-effective.
Some people have garages that are easy to work with and more recently built.

These types of structures are often better candidates for garage relocation and ADU renovation projects. It’s important to keep the health of the structure in mind and consider the various project costs. Relocation will require planning and renovation, as well altering the current structure to ensure it meets all Los Angeles ADU regulations. However, many homeowners find that the cost of the ADU renovation project often pays for itself due to the many future years of rent payments.

One benefit of building an ADU from scratch is the freedom to completely design the space. Homeowners can select exactly how the ADU is arranged. Meanwhile, contractors can meet all up-to-date codes and provide premium insulation and ensure top-quality products. This option is more suitable for homeowners who have plenty of property space and very old garage structures. Homeowners with newer garages or more limited yard space will likely prefer to consult a contractor about garage relocation and conversion costs.

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Subdividing Lot Possibilities

What impact does subdividing a lot have on a Los Angeles homeowner? Some homeowners choose to use the garage relocation process as a starting point for subdividing their lot and earning ADU income through renting the structure.

The relocated garage can be renovated into a standalone home. Since ADUs contain kitchen, living, and bathroom space, they can be rented out independent from the main property.

Homeowners who choose to subdivide their lots and have standalone ADUs are naturally eager to reap the benefit of these unique housing structures. People use ADUs to meet all kinds of needs, such as serving as a home office, guest quarters, or home studio. One of the most popular uses of ADUs is for rental properties. Subdividing a lot opens up homeowners to the possibility of renting their ADU and creating future ADU income.

SB-9 Property Regulations

Los Angeles homeowners who are considering an ADU construction or renovation should be familiar with Senate Bills 9 and 10. These recent bills were signed into effect to aid with the California housing crisis as people struggle to find affordable living spaces. SB-9 and 10 allow certain single-family homeowners to split their lots.LA homeowners can now build a duplex on both sides of their property or add a second home to the property. SB-9 and 10 are particularly advantageous to LA homeowners who are considering ADUs. Homeowners can now build one residential unit and one ADU per lot, which can create four structures in total on their existing property with more ease than ever.

ADU Income In Los Angeles

Many people favor ADUs because they can be built at a fraction of the cost of building a home, especially when they are converted from existing structures such as detached garages. These miniature living spaces are particularly popular in Los Angeles, where the cost of living is high and many people are looking to move to or stay in desirable neighborhoods.

Since ADUs can be rented apart from the main property to generate passive monthly income, many homeowners and renters appreciate a degree of separation between the main residence and the ADU. For this reason, detached ADUs are particularly popular. Homeowners can reap the benefits of a garage relocation and subdivided property to expand their options for passive monthly income and assist Los Angeles in creating more homes.

Reap Garage Relocation Benefits With California Foundation Works!

At California Foundation Works, we are a trusted name in Los Angeles construction services. Our team has been building and relocating garages for over a decade. We provide premium services for our customers regardless of the specifics of their structure. Since we carefully evaluate each project to offer individualized solutions, we will be able to closely collaborate with homeowners to make their garage relocation projects a successful, safe, and succinct reality.

Our team values communication, efficiency, and premium quality services. We never cut corners and always communicate with our customers to ensure that all construction, installation, repair, or renovation projects are meeting their needs. Allow us to walk you through the garage relocation process for Los Angeles homeowners and explain how an ADU can transform your LA property and your options as a homeowner. Interested in learning more? Call California Foundation Works today to chat with a member of our team!

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