Preventing Foundation Damage During Winter

Foundation damage during winter is very common because of the the extreme cold and frequent downpour of rain. Winter in California might not be very cold but the rains during those winters can damage your foundation.bad drainage foundation damage in los angeles

There are a lot of ways in which rain can damage a foundation and by identifying and preventing them, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of  headaches and money.

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Ways of Preventing Foundation Damage During Winter

Waterproofing  your Foundation

Waterproofing your foundation is by far the most efficient way of preventing foundation damage during winter. Waterproofing a foundation can be done using so many techniques such as sealing cracks and holes, waterproofing paint, water soak and by using a rubber or plastic membrane. Rubber and plastic membranes are the most popular method and involve the application of a membrane on the foundation wall to prevent any water from seeping into and through the wall. Foundation waterproofing can either be done on the interior or exterior of the foundation wall.

Avoid ponding water

Ponding water is so common during winter that it almost seems harmless but it can actually damage your foundation. When water just stands and doesn’t move, it begins to sink into the ground and seeps into the nearby foundation therefore causing damage. Even though the damage is usually dependent on the soil type around the foundation, it is advisable to install a drainage system that allows the flow of water to prevent pooling.

Install Or Clean out gutters

Gutters are used to channel rainwater away from the roof and foundation therefore preventing foundation damage. In instances where the gutters are clogged or faulty, foundation damage is possible. Faulty or clogged gutters will leak water directly into your house, or seams dripping directly on the exterior walls of the foundation. It is best to install or fix gutters before winter so as to avoid any damage from the rain.

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Contact a Foundation Contractor

If you are concerned about your foundation and you want to apply some of the aforementioned preventive measures, contact California Foundation Works for a free estimate and inspection on 323-418-2239.