Your Winter Preparedness Checklist for Your House Should Look Like This

Winters in the Los Angeles area can range from moderate to property damaging storms.

Harsh winter conditions can cause flooding, wind damage and expanding soils which are all bad for your house, but you can still prevent your house from winter damage. Here’s the winter preparedness checklist to help you prepare your house for winter:

Foundation and Wall Cracks

Foundation cracks and wall cracks are signs of serious foundation damage. Since water is usually the main cause of foundation damage, it is necessary to solve or repair any foundation damage before winter which could be worsened by the rainwater. You need to make sure that your foundation is in very good condition before the start of winter.

Clogged Gutters and Leaky Roof

A leaky roof or clogged gutters could spell big trouble during winter. Clogged gutters will cause water to overflow and hence either seep through the foundation or cause flooding in your yard. A leaky roof is usually very bad because if the leak is in a hidden area,it won’t be discovered until the damage to the house is bad. Professionals can better assess how to identify leaks and repair them.

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Bad drainage system

A bad drainage system will cause soil erosion or flooding on your yard. No matter how heavy the rain is, a good drainage system should be able to direct the rainwater accordingly in order to prevent any damage to the house or yard. A bad drainage can be fixed by the use of proper systems such as french drains, catch basins, flo-wells, downspouts or the use of proper techniques such as soil grading and retaining walls.

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Hire an Expert

You need to hire an expert in order to successfully inspect and achieve everything on the winter preparedness checklist. Call California Foundation Works on (323) 418-2239 for a free inspection and estimate.