Draining Solution Tips For The Los Angeles Homeowner

When a home is built atop a crawl space this places it at risk for foundation damage from pooling water. Excessive rain or extreme weather can lead to a flooded crawl space, and water accumulating outside the home may lead to issue with the foundation walls .
If your home has a crawl space underneath, you would be well advised to inform yourself on options for draining solutions, and to keep in mind these foundation safety tips for your family’s protection.
Let’s start with a quick overview of crawl space drainage solutions, and why they are necessary. Crawl space drainage is an important component of proper home maintenance. If water begins to pool in a crawl space, this may lead to a wide range of issues. Among these concerns are; destroyed flooring, rotten baseboards & trim, or even foundation failure.
Crawl space flooding stems from a wide variety of causes, these include heavy rain, plumbing problems and poor exterior drainage. Typically, water seeps into the crawl space through the joint where the flooring meets the wall.

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Effective foundation drainage solutions:

French drains are installed under the crawl space floor along the perimeter of the foundation. These drains catch water that seeps inside the crawl space and channel it back out and away from the home. The water accumulates and is drained at the most common point of entry, just below the slab . This way, water drains away before it rises to the junction between the wall and floor of the crawl space. French drains prevent water damage because they keep water from pooling up in the crawl space.
Drain Boxes and Catch Basins are similar to French drains, but they are installed around the foundation exterior. First, the foundation walls should be waterproofed. Drains must be dug and filled with gravel to promote drainage. This diverts water away from the home, usually out on the street, and is sometimes assisted by a sump pump.
• A Sump pump is used in several ways. They are most commonly installed in a basin below the crawl space floor level. They pump water away from the house to prevent it from pooling up and causing foundation damage. A backup battery is essential for these purposes, in order to prevent water from collecting in the event of a power failure.

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Homeowners with drainage issues can also follow these easy home maintenance tips to prevent water damage to their foundation.
• Install gutters throughout the residence. Keep them clear and ensure that downspouts guide water away from the home.
• Examine the slope of your property to ensure that the ground slopes down and away from the foundation of your home, so water can drain away from the property.
• Do not plant large trees or bushes near the foundation because roots can penetrate the concrete, which can damage the foundation and allow water to seep into the crawl spaces

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These draining solutions tips will help you protect your foundation. If your home foundation might have been impacted by previous rains in the Los Angeles area, call us now to schedule a free* in•home estimate for drainage solutions!