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How To Choose The Right Type Of LA Home Addition

Home addition projects are one major way Los Angeles homeowners can capitalize on their living space and maximize their property value. These highly advantageous home addition projects respond to various evolving homeowner needs as the desire for more usable living space increases over the years.

However, there are several different home addition projects to choose from. Discover the different types of LA home additions to best evaluate which home addition project will meet your needs as a Los Angeles homeowner.

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Los Angeles Home Addition Basics

Most homeowners experience a point when they desire more living space. However, moving can often have drawbacks. Home additions allow homeowners to remain in their desired neighborhoods and avoid the cost and exhaustion of moving while creating expanded space for growing families, housing loved ones, home offices, studios, or leisure areas. When it comes to home additions, the price range for the project can drastically vary depending on the project at hand and details such as space and style. Lower-cost home additions convert existing structures into usable living areas or expand existing structures to add more space.

Patio Pergola Installation

Additions can become pricier but open more possibilities for Los Angeles homeowners when entire rooms are added onto the property, which will require excavation and far more extensive machinery. There is also the option to add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to the property which can be rented. The best choice will depend on the needs of the LA homeowner. Fortunately, these options are all flexible as needs change over time.

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LA Home Expansion vs Addition

When it comes to home addition projects, homeowners have a major choice to make. Do they want to expand existing space or add new space? There is also the option to convert existing space, which will be explored shortly. Home expansions are naturally less expensive than additions, as they extend existing space rather than create entirely new structures. For example, home expansion projects are ideal for extending kitchens or creating dream master bedrooms. However, these projects also tend to be more limiting.

While home expansion projects are ideal for adding extra space and allowing the usable living space in the home to be more optimized, home additions create entirely new rooms. These spaces add significantly more square footage and can be used for anything from guest bedrooms to studios to home offices to gyms. Homeowners can also consider property value and add on extra bathrooms. They then have the decision to make if they want to expand outwards or even upwards when it comes to their Los Angeles property.
Home additions are meant to blend seamlessly into the existing structure and form a new property altogether. They completely open up possibilities for homeowners, though they are a costlier option. Full home addition projects require major construction, including the contractor securing building permits and meeting all traditional LA home construction codes and regulations. A new foundation will need to be built, which will require excavation, which means that this will be an expensive project. However, it can also significantly increase both property value and homeowner satisfaction.

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Room addition

Garage, Attic & Basement Conversions In LA

Converting an existing space into a new usage equipped with full amenities is one way to save costs and optimize space with an LA home addition project if homeowners are seeking new rooms at less severe costs. Attic, garage, and basement conversions add living space without changing the existing home structure by converting unfurnished areas. They are considered lower-cost projects, as they don’t require building new structures but instead involve remodeling an existing structure. This makes conversion projects extremely advantageous for raising property value for Los Angeles homeowners.

Basement and attic spaces need to meet certain code violations, which contractors can check. Aspects such as insulation and ventilation will need to be inspected, while plumbing, electricity, heating, and air-conditioning might need to be added to such spaces. Additional details such as windows and doors can also be added. The full cost of the project will ultimately depend on the size, furnishing, and amenities installed, as well as any structural alterations that might have to be made. These projects are often favored for being lower-cost while still allowing for the optimization of existing space. Conversion projects can increase property value without requiring major changes to the property.

What About Los Angeles ADUs?

Many Los Angeles homeowners choose to combine home addition projects with ADU projects and turn an existing structure, such as a garage, into an ADU. These miniature living units contain living quarters, as well as a separate entrance, bathroom, and kitchen area. ADUs can be rented out independently from the main property on single-family residential lots. This means that homeowners can use these tiny structures to earn passive monthly income.
It is becoming increasingly popular for LA homeowners to build an ADU on their lot when they meet permitting requirements. This allows homeowners to have the option to earn money, while they can also use the ADU however they please since the renting option is flexible. ADUs are an excellent option to have if homeowners want a home office or studio, or if they are considering housing friends or family. The change in California legislation now made it easier than ever to build an ADU in Los Angeles. This has caused many LA homeowners to consider the advantages of these tiny independent living units.

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