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7 Signs You Have A Yard Drainage Problem

Homeowners in Los Angeles pay careful attention to guarding their property value, but a faulty yard drainage system can cause all sorts of issues that can lead to costly repairs. It is therefore important for homeowners to be on the lookout for signs of yard drainage failure.

LA homeowners can keep their eyes peeled for the following yard drainage issues so that they can swiftly fix any problems before they lead to expensive and preventable situations. Discover common yard drainage problems and the best solutions for these issues.

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1. Soil Erosion In The Yard

Fortunately, vigilant LA homeowners can spot many warning signs in both their yards and homes that something may be amiss with their yard drainage system. One indicator that there could be an issue with yard drainage is soil erosion in the yard.

When excess rainwater isn’t able to properly drain, it can instead congregate in the yard and cause mulch and soil to migrate. This can cause soil levels to be low in some areas and high in others.

Soil grading on cracked soil

Sometimes simple solutions can remedy soil erosion. These can be implemented by crafty DIY homeowners or with professional help from contractors. Swales or rain beds are easy and attractive solutions that can be integrated into the yard for redirecting the water away from the property. Another trusted solution to avoid soil erosion is soil grading, which will slope the soil.

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2. Standing Rainwater

Like soil erosion, standing rainwater is caused by too much water that doesn’t have an appropriate outlet. Standing rainwater can swamp the yard and kill vegetation. It can also lead to pest infestation, such as mosquito breeding. In severe situations, standing yard water that is not addressed can enter the home and cause issues with the structure of your LA building. Heavy runoff areas can cause serious damage, which makes it important to address this issue.
Standing rainwater can be addressed in multiple ways, depending on the severity. Solutions such as swales, rain beds, and soil grading are appropriate for mild runoff issues. However, it is often a good idea to install a professional yard drainage system and address your Los Angeles drainage needs once and for all. Trench and channel drains are equipped to remove large quantities of surface water quickly. Some homeowners also opt for other surface drain solutions, such as catch basins.

3. Improperly Draining Gutters

One area that often requires less intensive repairs is the gutter. Homeowners can notice gutter failure warning signs when their gutters are gushing water like crazy. Less overt signs of gutter issues include mud splattering onto the home and peeling house paint around the gutter. Fortunately, these issues can often be attended to by homeowners.
Gutter issues can cause damage to your LA home if water isn’t able to be properly redirected and cleared from the property. That’s why it’s necessary to regularly snake gutters. Gutters should always be cleared of any debris so that the water can flow smoothly. It is also necessary to make sure that the downspout is properly angled away from the home.

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Water damage

4. Wet Walls In The Basement

There are many exterior signs of yard drainage failure, but some LA homeowners forget that the inside of the home can also reveal potential yard drainage problems. Wet walls in the basement or crawl space area are a major indicator that something is amiss with the yard drainage system, which has caused water to enter the home rather than be redirected. One of the best remedies for water entering the basement is to install French drains in the yard. This yard drainage installation is something that should be handled professionally. Homeowners should not wait to book an inspection if they notice damp walls, as water damage can quickly spread in the home and rot the foundation or lead to harmful growths.

5. Mold, Mildew & Harmful Growths

Intrusive water can lead to foundation issues and salt deposits on the walls of your home. It can also cause harmful growths that could affect the health of residents. Damp and humid rooms can carry unusual smells that irritate the lungs and cause respiratory issues. LA homeowners should be on the lookout for any unusual smells or changes in breathing among residents.

Water intrusion can cause mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus to grow in LA homes. This often occurs in basements and attics. Issues such as mold and mildew often call for better ventilation to clear out the problem. However, it is also necessary to fix the yard drainage problem and prevent water leakage. In addition to yard drainage options such as French drains and surface drains, some LA homeowners choose to equip their basements with sump pumps to help with water removal.

6. Cracks Around Doors & Windows

Sometimes foundation cracks due to normal settling. However, there are types of cracks that are particularly worrisome, such as wide cracks, cracks that are clustered close together, and cracks around doors and windows. Cracks that continue to get wider could indicate that a serious drainage problem is causing structural issues.
When it comes to water damage causing foundation issues, this is a call for professional intervention. Contractors will be able to determine if the cracks are harmless, which will then call for simple surface repairs.

However, if water damage is the cause of the cracks, then foundation replacement or repairs might be necessary. It is therefore important to keep track of cracks before they worsen. Having a trusted yard drainage system in place will prevent such serious water damage from occurring in the first place.

7. Water Settlement Around The Home

If you’ve found yourself with water settlement around your home, it’s pretty clear your Los Angeles property needs some professional intervention when it comes to your yard drainage system. As discussed, water settlement can lead to vegetation death and pest infestation. It can also cause irreversible structural damage and serious health issues.
What can you do about water settlement? In addition to soil grading services and creative options such as rain bed integration, it’s almost always the best choice to install a yard drainage system. French drains, channel drains, trench drains, and sump pumps are all trusted yard drainage options in Los Angeles. Other homeowners turn to Flo-Wells, atrium grates, catch basins, and swales for their yard drainage systems. Sometimes, crawl space waterproofing services are also required to keep water out of the home.

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