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How to Choose The Right Yard Drainage For Your Home

Yard drainage systems are an integral part of maintaining yard health and protecting your property value. LA homeowners know that maintaining a healthy yard is an excellent way to guard your investment. However, choosing a yard drainage system isn’t always easy.

Learn more about available backyard drainage systems to discover which type will best suit your needs as a Los Angeles homeowner.

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Choosing A Yard Drainage System

Choosing the best backyard drainage system always depends on the needs of your yard. There is no one size fits all solution for backyard drainage.

The most appropriate drainage system will depend on the needs you want to address as a homeowner. Different drainage systems are equipped to handle varying quantities of water and solve different yard drainage issues. That’s why it’s important to understand your options.

french drains

Delaying a drainage system installation could lead to serious and costly issues for Los Angeles homeowners. Water that pools in the yard can kill vegetation and lead to pest infestation. Once the water enters the home, it runs the risk of serious structural damage. Intrusive water can also cause harmful growths to adversely affect the health of residents.
Learn about different yard drainage systems to determine the best drainage system for your LA property. It’s time to permanently put an end to your yard drainage problems.

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French Drains

French drains are one of the most popular and reliable yard drainage systems for LA homeowners. They consist of a perforated pipe buried underground, meaning that French drains do not disrupt the backyard landscaping. French drains address more extensive backyard drainage problems. They redirect the flow of water away from the property and work especially well for any hillside and sloped homes.

Trench/Channel drains

Trench drains are another common yard drainage system that LA homeowners choose. Trench drains, also known as channel drains, are simply designed trenches that have a grated covering. This prevents foreign objects from blocking the drain, which is critical since trench drains rapidly remove large quantities of water from properties. Trench and channel drains are often installed on paved surfaces, such as around driveways and walkways. Some homeowners also install such surface drains around pools.

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summer drainage

Slot Drains

Slot drains are a newer backyard drainage system for Los Angeles yards. Slot drains are durable drains installed within a trench. However, they don’t need a covering. Slot drains tend to be slimmer than channel and trench drains. They are also a highly effective drainage system. LA homeowners turn to slot drains due to their durability and strength, as they are composed out of quality materials such as stainless steel.

Catch Basin

Catch basins are used by LA homeowners to collect water that gathers in low-lying areas of the property. Catch basins, also known as dry wells, can also be installed around gutter systems. This drainage system contains a pipe that redirects the water off of the property so that it cannot pool and cause damage. Catch basins have varying capacities and can be both rounded or squared depending on homeowner preferences and needs. Box drains work similarly to catch basins to remove flooded water from the property.

catch basin
sump pump

Sump Pump

Sump pumps, and drainpipes, are drainage solutions that many sloped and hillside property owners in LA choose to install in their homes. Sump pumps can be standalone solutions, or they can be combined with other yard drainage solutions. Sump pumps are installed inside of the home and they work to rapidly pump away large amounts of water. This drainage solution is excellent when it comes to protecting homes and preventing floods during rainstorms.

Swale Drains

Swale drains, also known as ditches or dry creek beds, can be arranged in different styles to meet surface drain needs for LA homeowners.

This backyard drainage solution involves covering a ditch with rocks to create the appearance of a natural creek bed. Homeowners favor swale drains, as they are an aesthetically pleasing solution for properties that are faced with large quantities of quick-moving water.

swale drainage

To complete the swale drain, it is covered with turf or water-friendly plants to also blend into the backyard. Like swale drains, rain gardens also provide attractive ways for water to be appropriately collected in a constructed pond.

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Pop-Up Emitters

Some Los Angeles homeowners choose to install pop-up emitters, as they are a discreet way for disposing of excess rainwater. Pop-up emitters are simple pop-up solutions that use the hydrostatic pressure found in water to release it outside of the property. Pop-up emitters are connected to drain pipes and are used to prevent yards from getting too wet.

Spot Solutions

In some cases, there are spot solutions needed to rectify drainage issues. Cleaning clogged gutters and arranging downspouts to a proper angle could solve minor drainage snags. Sometimes downspout diverters are needed to ensure that water is redirected away from the home. Homeowners also turn to soil grading solutions to angle their yard and control the runoff rainwater. Other LA yard drainage solutions include atrium grates and flo-wells.

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Install Your LA Drainage System Today!

When it comes to installing your yard drainage system, it’s important to get ahead of any drainage issues. Hiring a professional contractor will allow for your yard to be assessed for weak areas so that the best drainage system can be selected to meet the needs of your property. It’s best to then devise or schedule routine yard maintenance to ensure that your property is in prime condition.

Sometimes the best yard drainage system is a combination of solutions. At California Foundation Works, we carefully address every property to provide customized premium solutions for our customers. Our team services homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area for fast, efficient, and long-lasting results. Allow us to apply our decades of expertise to make your home safer and more secure.

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