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Common Yard Drainage Issues

Whether your yard is suffering from muddy areas or oversaturation of moisture has left your vegetation dead, no homeowner wants to deal with drainage issues. Tracing issues with your yard drainage system back to their source will allow you to permanently solve your backyard drainage problems.

Discover the most common drainage issue causes and solutions for restoring the health of your yard once and for all.

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Standing and Surface Water

Some of the most common backyard drainage problems are standing and surface water. Water that collects and pools on the surface can cause a lot of damage to the yard, including the death of vegetation.

It can also lead to muddy areas that can be a disaster if children or dogs are running around the yard. Additionally, pools of surface water can lead to pest infestation, such as mosquitos.


Surface water usually collects due to the absence of a drain or a faulty drainage system. Fortunately, there are several professional solutions for preventing water from collecting and causing damage. Channel and trench drains are both highly equipped for rapidly removing sheets of surface water and redirecting them away from the home to an appropriate channel.

Another option is soil grading so that the water flows out of the yard rather than form a pool. You can also incorporate a decorative drainage solution into your garden drainage system, such as a pond. That way, there would be an appropriate and appealing place for the water to gather. These backyard drainage solutions can prevent problems from occurring in your yard.

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Faulty Gutters

If water is collecting around your yard and causing soggy areas around the house, then there may be a problem with your gutters. Gutters that are clogged or are not directed at the right angle can cause drainage system failures. That’s why it’s important to devise a regular yard maintenance plan that includes routine gutter cleanings.

If gutters become clogged, then they will need to be cleared out. Sometimes this involves snaking them. Likewise, it’s important to inspect all areas of your yard drainage semi-regularly to look out for broken parts or clogs that need to be tended to. If the maintenance work is too much to keep up with, then you can hire a contractor to handle the regular inspections.

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water damage

Internal Foundation Damage

Whether your current drainage system is broken or you don’t have a backyard drainage system in place, one of the worst areas of water damage is inside of your home.

Water that is not properly directed away from the home can instead enter the building, often through basement crawl spaces. This can cause serious structural damage and rapidly escalating repair costs.

Internal moisture problems can also cause health issues. Moisture can gather and breed mold, bacteria, fungi, and other potentially harmful growths. Therefore, both the health of residents and the safety of the structure can be threatened. If you noticed rotten wood, cracks in the walls, salt deposits, warped floors or ceilings, or any other signs of foundation damage, it’s important to book an inspection. There are different solutions for yard drainage issues that can avoid costly repairs if implemented soon enough.

Sometimes the problem is simple, and the gutters simply need to be redirected away from the home. Other times, professional solutions are required. Installing a French drain is one of the best solutions for keeping your basement dry without disrupting the landscaping. Additionally, many homes with basements and hillside homes benefit from sump pump installations to rapidly pump away rainwater during storms.

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Solve Your Drainage Issues Today

At California Foundation works, we’re happy to offer any yard drainage system on the market to meet the exact drainage needs of your yard. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to trace back the root of your garden drainage problems to provide a custom solution. Sometimes the best solution is a combination of systems that will permanently address your drainage needs.

Available backyard drainage solutions include French drains, sump pumps, catch basins, surface drains, drain boxes, channel/trench drains, atrium grates, Flo-Wells, rounded grades, pop-up emitters, soil grading services, and more. Having a professional drainage system installed is the best way to guarantee that your yard drainage problems cease to occur.

Owning a home is one of the most significant investments a person will make in his or her life. Invest in the health of your structure by securing your yard drainage system to prevent costly water damage from occurring. Interested in scheduling a free inspection? Call today to get started on your journey to creating and maintaining the perfect yard.

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