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Best Time for Yard Drainage Installation

The current rainy season heralds a time for greenery and growth, but it also creates the ideal opportunity for yard drainage inspection and installation. An increase in rain highlights both where potential drainage issues are in your yard and the nature of the problem.

This makes selecting a drainage system solution easy and precise to permanently resolve drainage system issues for your greater Los Angeles area home. Ready to discover how you can take advantage of your time and best devise a yard drainage system plan?

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Rainy Season Readiness

When it comes to selecting the best time for implementing drainage system changes, the rainy warm season reveals a clear advantage.

Periods of heavy rainfall highlight areas of the current drainage system that need improvement, emphasizing any weaknesses that could lead to continual damage.

It is easiest and most accurate to perform a yard and home inspection after periods of rain. 

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Check the yard for signs of pooling water, oversaturated soil, dying vegetation, pest presence, and excessive topsoil removal. Likewise, you can inspect the inside of the house for rotting or warped floorboards, damp areas in crawl spaces, and mold or bacteria growth.

Being able to understand the exact nature of your drainage system issues is highly important because different drainage solutions can be offered depending on the nature of the problem. It is critical to select a system that best suits your yard to fully address the problems at hand.

The spring and summer offer the best accuracy for drainage inspection and installation when it comes to temperature, climate, and soil saturation. Overall, this will allow drainage system failures to be spotted with more precision.

Reasons to Act Now

While it’s easy to delay repair work that might not seem crucial, attending to your drainage system needs may be more important than you think. The spring and summer seasons are ideal for drainage system repairs and replacements, so you have nothing to win by waiting. Spring and summer hold a clear advantage when it comes to implementing drainage system solutions, as the predictable weather offers fewer problems and disruptions while working.

The warm weather is the easiest environment to work in, as the soil is best to handle when it is warm and reasonably moist. Warm days and cool nights in the spring offer the ideal temperature for accurate yard inspection and repairs. Winter installations provide the trickiest working conditions, as homeowners run the risk of pipes freezing during the installation process and delaying repairs.

Overall, it’s very important to work with the soil when it is in its most compatible state to get the most accurate installation. Failing to attend to drainage system needs could lead to an array of issues. When left unattended, faulty drainage systems can cause repair costs to skyrocket while creating an array of costly issues in the meantime.

Drainage System Benefits

If you’ve spotted damp floorboards or a soggy yard, you’re likely considering if drainage system installation is worth the cost. We can tell you with confidence that this is one home investment you will not regret.

Different drainage systems can attend to a wide variety of drainage needs. They can prevent water from pooling in the yard, where it can kill vegetation and cause pests and insects to breed. They can stop water from leaking into crawl spaces and basements where it can cause unhealthy growths, rotting floorboards, warped walls or floors, and lead to internal home damage.

Most importantly, drainage systems can protect the foundation of the home from being compromised. Water-damaged foundation poses a triple threat as it can interfere with the structural safety of the building, the security of the residents, and the property value of the structure.

Keep in mind that since frozen subgrades can create a false impression of drainage failures, drainage system installation and surface repairs should be done during the warmer months for the most accuracy.

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Exploring Drainage Solutions

To minimize increasing costs and damage, it’s always best to have a drainage system plan on hand.

Fortunately, there are many options to explore when it comes to selecting the perfect solutions for your particular needs.

At California Foundation Works, we are pleased to offer all drainage system solutions on the market so that our clients can find the perfect fit. 

These solutions include French drains, sump pumps, drain boxes, catch basins, channel drains, trench drains, pop-up emitters, rounded grates, atrium grates, Flo-wells, soil grading, and more.

At times, simple spot solutions are enough to correct any weaknesses, while other cases call for a combination of drainage system solutions. Remember that the spring and summer months create the ideal environment for yard work and inspections.

Even if you feel you are not quite ready for a drainage system installation, you can do your yard a service by booking an inspection to see what weaknesses the rainy time can highlight.

Selecting the Right Option

Teaming up with a professional contractor can help you understand what is the best course of action for resolving your yard drainage needs. The warm season advantage creates the perfect condition for a contractor to inspect your property and recommend an ideal course of action.

Since different drainage systems and repairs serve different functions, it’s important to understand the source of your yard drainage failure. Hillside and low-level homes with basements can benefit enormously from a sump pump installation. The drainage solution will rapidly remove water to prevent home flooding in the event of heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, French drains are excellent choices for redirecting pooling yard water and preventing it from entering into basements and damaging the home foundation. You can install channel or trench drains to attend to large volumes of surface water, especially across driveways.

Additionally, catch basins and surface drains provide highly reliable storm drain options for properties contending with excess water. Lastly, other solutions, such as soil grading services, might be the best course of action for safely redirecting excess water away from your property. Whatever the solution, it’s important to act as soon as possible to start reaping the many benefits of a healthy yard drainage system.

Why Choose Us?

Is the rainy season revealing flaws with your yard drainage system? Fortunately, we can help! At California Foundation Works, it is our mission to keep Southern California homes safe one household at a time.

We service homes in the greater Los Angeles area to ensure complete safety and satisfaction. Ready to get started on creating your dream home?    

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Tired of dealing with standing yard water? Is your vegetation drowning in rainwater runoff?

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