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Benefits of Proper Yard Drainage

If you’re like many greater Los Angeles area residents, you have suddenly found yourself with a lot of time at home. People around the world are experiencing an adjustment period that leaves many searching for ways to fill the time.

One of the smartest things you can do with your downtown is to put your energy into caring for your home. With the rainy season on hand, many unprotected yards are currently experiencing the inconvenience of a faulty or absent drainage system.

Today we’re going to explore the benefits of having a good yard drainage system to discover why you should invest in one for your property.

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Protected Vegetation

Excess yard water can cause a variety of different issues, with one of them being over-saturated vegetation. While it’s important to keep the landscaping and shrubbery well-watered, too much moisture can be the downfall of your yard.

Without a proper drainage system, water can pool and swamp plants, leading to plant and grass death. Many homeowners take pride in having a well-maintained and attractive yard, so failing to invest in a yard drainage system will be counterproductive to any efforts made to maintain aesthetics.


In turn, this will lower the curb appeal of your home, which may cause some complaints with your HOA. Furthermore, any homeowners looking to sell won’t be doing their marketing any favors by not having a well-maintained yard. Additionally, excess water is the perfect breeding ground for pests and insects, posing annoying, ugly, and potentially costly problems.

Ample Playing Space 

Perhaps you’ve experienced this problem before: you set up an outdoor playhouse for your kids, only to have it be invaded by a colony of bugs. Keeping your yard tended to and avoiding excess moisture will greatly reduce the likelihood of breeding bugs, making your background a far more appealing play area for young ones.

Having a yard that is well cared for is important for many reasons. One of the reasons that strike closest to the heart is we want an area where our kids feel safe and happy to play in.

Taking care of your yard creates a far more appealing play area that allows for ample room for your kids to enjoy playing without dealing with soggy lawns, overgrown weeds, and unsavory infestations. Little can compare to the simple joy of sitting outside and watching your children enjoy a well-tended yard.

Don’t have kids? Use the space to enjoy dinners, drinks, and fresh air with friends and family.

Protected Health

Excess moisture can attract unwelcome pests, increasing the chances of diseases. However, it can also bring other health problems into the home. Water is a source of life, something we need every day to stay healthy.

However, it can also breed bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, rust, rot, and other unsavory health hazards. Faulty or absentee drainage systems can lead to moisture getting in the home. Oftentimes, crawl spaces become the ideal breeding ground for bacteria growth. Warm, damp, enclosed spaces are the perfect environment for such potentially harmful growths.

Check your crawlspace for signs of dampness, as well as musty and strong odors. Side effects of bacteria, mold, and other growths include difficulty breathing, watery eyes, rashes, a sore throat, coughing, wheezing, and more. To protect the health of your family, invest in a proper yard drainage system and avoid the unhealthy side effects of excess moisture.

Preventing Water Damage

Though the health of our loved ones is the top concern, we also need to protect our assets. Failure to keep water out of the home can very quickly cause structural damage. Water can seep into floorboards and cause rotting and warping, which can alter floors, walls, ceilings, and the overall home structure.

In addition to a weakened structure, this can cause a distorted appearance, as well as unpleasant smells. Excess water can coat crawl space walls in a salt-like substance known as efflorescence.

The excess moisture can ruin paint and paneling, completely interfering with the aesthetic appeal of the home as well. The most severe problems will occur if the water can enter into the foundation.

When water becomes trapped underneath the foundation, a process called heaving can occur, as well as the formation of cracks. Heaving causes the expansion of soil, which forces the matter upwards. This process can seriously jeopardize the structural safety of the home.

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Reduced Repair Work

When it comes to being a smart homeowner, preventative work is always the most cost-effective solution. Rather than wait for things to break and problems to worsen, take necessary precautionary steps to keep your home safeguarded from the start. Water intrusion can end up being an extremely costly home repair project.

Once water damage progresses to a serious stage, the home foundation can become compromised. 

This will result in costly work to either repair or replace the foundation. While sometimes such repair work is unavoidable, there are almost always steps you can take to avoid requiring foundation replacement.

In addition to performing routine home inspections to search for cracks, slanting, and signs of deterioration, equip your yard with a drainage system to keep rainwater out of your home. This is an excellent investment you can make in the longevity of your building, as well as for the safety of all residents. We can guarantee that the cost of installing a drainage system will be less than the cost of water damage repair.

Less Mess

This final reason why you should install a yard drainage system is quite simple. The last thing any of us wants to deal with at the end of a long day is a messy home.

Sometimes simple drainage solutions can go a long way with reducing hassle and giving homeowners peace of mind. Quite simply, faulty drainage systems lead to messy yards.

In addition to heightened pest presence and the range of more serious problems to contend with, muddy yards can be a huge hassle. From kids tumbling in the backyard to mud clinging to the grooves of our shoes, nobody needs oversaturated soil causing a muddy mess.

Additionally, many use their backyards as playing areas for their four-legged friends. Avoid having to hose your dog down by reducing the likelihood of having a muddy yard in the first place. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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