Drainage Problems and Your Foundation

Having trouble with your drainage can cause expensive damages if not properly repaired. Structural damage may lead to cracks and foundation damage of your house. It also encourages insect infestations and damaged plants. Whether you are a real estate agent, homeowner or contractor, identifying any drainage problem especially in your Los Angeles property should be your first priority.

There are some homeowners who ignore the drainage or water problem in their homes, especially when it occurs somewhere out of their sight. The typical example of this is the basement or other hidden places. However, you should not do the same. Prompt action must be taken to avoid any alarming situation. What are the different drainage problems that you might encounter and how will they affect the foundation of your house? To know more about these issues and consequences, here are some of the drainage problems you need to understand:

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Basement Drainage – A spongy basement can be caused by problems with the concrete block walls, cracks, moisture and foundation damage. This drainage issue is quite alarming because the damp or wet area encourages insects, including termites, as well as mildew, mold and bacteria growth which are also allured by the wet drainage. As a result, this may affect the health condition of the people in your home.

Crawl Space Drainage – This is quite similar to basement issues, but this space is more unfurnished under your home foundation. This area is also at risk to water issues and can give extensive problems as the raw building materials are exposed and more at risk to water damage. The damage from crawl space drainage may affect the entire foundation of your house.

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Ponding Water in the Yard – Just like other drainage issues, pooling water can destroy your driveway and patio surface. It causes the soil in your yard to wear away or erode, depending on your drainage issue. This eroding soil can lead to structural issues with your foundation being unsupported and may lead to expensive repairs. With ponding water, people walking in your garden might slip on the water and cause accidents. It also attracts bugs and mosquitoes that make your yard disgusting or unpleasant.

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If you are experiencing these drainage problems or other warning signs, asking assistance from any expert is advised. Drainage problems can be easily solved depending on your actions. If you keep on ignoring them, the condition of your drainage might worsen and that could lead to an alarming condition. Depending on your issue, some solutions are to install French drainage, sump pump boxes, rip rap rock, drainage pipes or matting. Erosion can often be managed through installing erosion mats. Since solving drainage issues requires knowledge and expertise, most homeowners prefer to hire a professional.

An expert foundation repair company in Los Angeles must always possess high quality equipment, reliable staff and affordable services. With the accurate selection of a contractor, it would be easy for you to solve your problems within a short period of time. This expert should be able to answer your questions and makes your property secure from any destruction.

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Whatever drainage problems you are facing, California Foundation Works provides all the best services. It is our duty to provide extensive services that can fit to your needs and budget. We provide a free inspection and assist you to ensure that your property is in good hands. For more inquiries, you can contact us at (323) 418-2239.