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Rainy Season Yard Preparation

Another summer has concluded, which means the rainy season is upon us. What does that mean for Los Angeles area homeowners?

Though snow is a rarity, frost and wet weather can still wreak havoc on yards that aren’t properly prepared. Discover easy rainy season preparation steps that LA homeowners can take to prep their yards for winter.

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Winter Preparation Advantage

Rainy seasons are an excellent time for growth, but they are also a great opportunity for yard drainage maintenance. The rainy season highlights the flaws in yard drainage systems, allowing homeowners to see areas where installation or repairs might be needed. Drainage system installation is therefore most accurate during the rainy season.


What if you already have a yard drainage system and there doesn’t appear to be any issues? Does that mean you’re off the hook for yard drainage maintenance? Not so fast. The key to a healthy yard is routine maintenance. This is also the best way to prevent problems from going undetected and escalating into more expensive issues. To simplify the rainy season preparation process, it can be helpful to make a yearly plan to turn to for guidance.

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Rainy Season Preparation

Homeowners can take several rainy season preparation steps to avoid having excess rain interfere with their property and home health. Cleaning the drains is an important routine yard drainage maintenance step. Water should be able to flow from the drain without any obstruction. Remove any debris and snake the drains if necessary. It’s also important to check that the angle of the gutter is properly redistributing the water away from the home rather than leading it to areas where it can pool and potentially enter the building.

It’s also important to remove debris from the yard so that you can assess your visible yard drainage systems. Carefully remove debris from grates to examine the drain pipes for signs of damage, blockage, or obstruction. Broken grates should be repaired as an important rainy season preparation step. Remember to not use chemicals, as they can be very harmful to your LA property. Drains should be snaked– not cleaned with chemicals for unclogging.

Yard Drainage Benefits

Healthy yard drainage systems are essential to Los Angeles property owners. Owning a home is a massive investment, which makes protecting the property critical for both financial reasons and residential safety. Homes that lack proper yard drainage systems or yard drainage maintenance can encounter costly and cumbersome problems. Excess rainwater that is not redirected off of the property can pool and cause vegetation death and pest infestation.

The real issues begin once the water enters the home. Water can cause serious structural damages that could result in the need for foundation repair or even replacement. Additionally, the water can form harmful growths such as bacteria, mold, and fungus that can adversely affect the health of the residents. Therefore, LA homeowners need to take their rainy season preparation seriously.

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Prepare Your Yard Today!

Homeowners can perform many yard drainage maintenance steps on their own to ensure that their property is being tended to. Another option is to hire a professional contractor so that maintenance work is never missed. While many preventative issues can be tended to by the homeowner, it’s important to consult a professional contractor for yard drainage installations and repairs.

Why Us?

At California Foundation Works, our team of professional contractors offers complete yard drainage services. We are happy to install any yard drainage system on the market including French drains, sump pumps, channel/trench drains, atrium grates, flo-wells, catch basins, drain boxes, surface drains, curtain drains, slot drains, pop-up emitters, soil grading solutions, and more. Consult with a contractor today to begin discussing your yard drainage needs in the greater Los Angeles area. We’re happy to answer all of your questions!

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Are you in need of rainy season preparation for your LA property? Is your Los Angeles yard equipped for the winter?

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