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Pool Deck Projects

Year-round sunny weather makes having a pool in Los Angeles an easy choice, though homeowners often have concerns over pool maintenance. Swimming pools are both well-used commodities and valuable assets when it comes to property value.

Discover how you can build and design your dream LA pool deck, as well as the maintenance steps you should be aware of to keep both your pool and deck in prime condition.c

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What To Know About Pool Decks

When it comes to selecting your LA pool, there are many design elements to consider. While there are various pool styles, homeowners will also have to select a pool deck.

Pool decks are the area surrounding the pool that serves as a border between the pool and the rest of the yard. Pool decks are therefore useful for both people in the pool and people in the yard.

What is the function of pool decks? Pool decks create boundaries between the pool and the yard, which prevents people from wandering into an open body of water.

Pool Deck Design

They are also designed to reduce slipping when walking around the pool or exiting the pool. Since pool decks serve as a safety barrier, it is necessary to have them properly constructed and regularly maintained. That means that there are several factors for homeowners to consider before their Los Angeles pool deck installation.

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Los Angeles Pool Deck Contractors

Trustworthy construction companies will build durable, non-slip pool decks in reliable materials such as stone, brick, or concrete. Contractors need to select a material that will be able to tolerate the chemicals used in the pool, as well as regular usage. However, there is also a design element that contractors need to consider so that the pool deck can be seamlessly blended into the backyard landscaping and layout.

Pool deck contractors can design, build, and maintain pool decks for LA homeowners. They are skilled at maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing pool deck, while they also will test the pool PH levels to ensure that the water is safe for swimming. Pool deck contractors will fix small issues such as chips and cracks and keep an eye out for bigger problems such as warping.

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Pool Deck Install

Pool Deck Design In LA

Pool deck design is a crucial step in the pool installation process, as the pool will be a statement piece in your backyard. It’s therefore important to team up with a professional contractor so that a pool can be designed to best fit your backyard space.

Pool contractors will understand both the pool installation process to address safety concerns and the design process to create an attractive pool and deck layout.

Homeowners will select many elements to create their dream pool including the type of the pool, the shape of the pool, and the overall deck design. Contractors can help homeowners decide the best materials for their pool deck project, while there are various design elements such as color and style that can be customized to meet homeowner needs.

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Pool Deck Installation Process

The pool deck installation process is best handled by professional contractors. Multiple forms of machinery are involved in the process since the area will have to be excavated so that the pool can be dug out and constructed. Meanwhile, a safe and slip-free deck will have to be built around the pool. The quality of the materials used in this project is of the utmost importance.

Some homeowners might be tempted to DIY their pool installation project. However, in-ground pools should always be built by professionals to ensure safety. Small concerns such as cracks and tile issues can lead to major problems if inexperienced homeowners take the matter into their own hands. For this reason, it is also important to have pool decks professionally installed. When it comes to building pools, turn to a contractor for the safest pool and pool deck design, installation, and maintenance work.

Pool Deck Resurfacing & Repairs

The best way to minimize the need for pool deck repairs is to choose a professional contractor who will build a durable and long-lasting pool. However, wear and tear will inevitably occur over time. That’s why routine maintenance goes a long way in keeping your LA pool in prime condition.

Many pool deck contractors are available for regular maintenance work to ensure that the surface is always problem-free and freshly coated.
Pool deck resurfacing is one way to ensure that any pool deck problems don’t worsen and lead to costly replacements. Crack repair services, as well as refinishing, resealing, and resurfacing maintenance work will greatly extend the lifespan of your LA pool. These steps will prevent hazardous and destructive issues such as settling, cracks, protruding parts, or sloping. Pool deck maintenance work will overall prevent minor issues from expanding into serious and costly problems.

Why Choose California Foundation Works?

While some LA homeowners want to have a pool installation and handle the maintenance themselves, busy lives can lead to forgetfulness. Hiring a professional contractor will ensure that the pool, water, and pool deck are always maintained for both safety concerns and the protection of property value. This will prevent injuries, slips, and even drowning.

At California Foundation Works, we have decades of experience servicing Los Angeles homes. Our team of professional contractors will take the hassle out of your home repair, retrofit, replacement, and maintenance work. We design individualized plans to meet the exact needs of our clients in safe, timely, and efficient projects. Are you in need of LA pool maintenance or installation work? Call today to get started on your project!


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