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What To Do About LA Home Water Damage

Whether you have noticed water pooling in your yard or have caught traces of it entering into your home, foundation water damage is an issue that homeowners should never take lightly. The rainy season acts as the perfect opportunity to spot home water damage before issues worsen, though there are signs that LA homeowners can be on the lookout for year-round.

Discover everything Los Angeles area homeowners should know about home water damage, including identifying damage, understanding the dangers, repair solutions, and cost expectations.

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How To Identify Home Water Damage

While obvious issues such as flood damage can lead to foundation water damage, more insidious problems often occur due to drainage system failure and water seepage.

These issues can erode the foundation and cause serious structural issues, which makes identifying damage and scheduling a home water damage repair essential for LA homeowners. An obvious sign of foundation water damage is the presence of cracks on the walls and floors, which could indicate an underlying foundation shift.

Water damage

Meanwhile, a musty smell in the basement could be a telltale sign that water intrusion has caused mold and mildew growth. Another indication of home water damage is sticking doors and windows that have difficulty opening, as this is another indicator of a shifting foundation due to water damage. An additional warning sign is walls or chimneys that are leaning or slanting due to home settlement.

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Water Damage Risks & Dangers

Foundation water damage repair might sound like a headache, but it is an issue that homeowners cannot ignore. Water damage can flood yards and limit usable living space for LA homeowners, which is particularly troublesome for families with dogs and children who want to play outside. In addition to pooling water and mud, water intrusion can cause the perfect breeding ground for pests such as mosquitos.

Los Angeles area homeowners will experience the most difficulties once the water enters the home. Intrusive water can cause the wooden framing of the house to rot and the foundation concrete and brick to deteriorate. Soil expands with excess water and can cause the foundation to rise and crack. This can cause excess movement of the foundation that can lead to serious structural damage. Meanwhile, LA homeowners will also run the risk of costly electrical and insulation damage due to water intrusion. Fortunately, home water damage restoration and repair services are offered by professional contractors to permanently address any problems.

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Drainage Rain

Foundation Water Damage Repair Solutions

Most foundation damage issues are caused by water intrusion, but what can be done to remedy the issue? Installing or repairing a yard drainage system can protect the property and prevent future issues, while additional repairs can be made to fix the current damage.

Yards must be properly graded so that rainwater can flow away from the property, while drains need to be snaked and cleared. There are many different yard drainage systems that homeowners can install, including French drains, channel/trench drains, sump pumps, atrium grates, Flo-Wells, and more. Oftentimes, the best yard drainage solution is a combination of drainage systems that assure all excess rainwater is redirected away from the property to an appropriate outlet, such as a reservoir.

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Home Restoration & Cost Expectations

The installation and home water damage restoration process might also involve foundation repair work to fix any damage that has already occurred. At California Foundation Works we offer many foundation repair solutions including slab crack repair, foundation underpinning, Hillside foundation retrofit, sister foundation installations, caisson installation, grade beams and so much more. To avoid requiring costlier structural repair work, it’s important to install a proper home drainage system as soon as possible and be on the lookout for any signs of home water damage.

When it comes to costs, they vary depending on the extent of the damage, the duration of the repair, materials involved, and other individual specifics. Will insurance cover foundation water damage? It depends on the policy.

Homeowners will need to check if foundation repair due to water damage is included in their policies, though it isn’t often covered. That’s why many homeowners make the move to properly retrofit their home as a preemptive way to guard their property against natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods that can devastate their homes and lead to expensive and even dangerous damages.

Why Choose Us?

Owning a home in Los Angeles means having a prime piece of real estate, and we know that homeowners want to do whatever it takes to protect both their residents and property value.

At California Foundation Works, we are proud to be your one-stop-shop for all contracting needs in the greater Los Angeles area. From repairs to retrofits to home restorations, you can rely on our team of trained contractors to treat your home like it’s our own. When it comes to yard drainage systems, we are happy to offer all drainage solutions on the market.

Call today to book your free home inspection so that one of our professional contractors can evaluate your drainage situation and devise a customized plan designed to meet the exact needs of your yard. We will work through the process with you every step of the way so that all questions and concerns can be fully addressed. It’s our goal to leave your home safe and fortified for many successful decades of usage to come.

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