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4 Things To Know Before Purchasing Home In LA

Whether you’re looking to buy a home or sell a home in Los Angeles, there are several areas of the structure that you should look into. Homeowners can increase their selling potential exponentially by putting extra effort into select areas of their property, while buyers should look into different home features to ensure a satisfying purchase.

Discover which areas of an LA home you should inspect before making a purchase or listing your property.

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Home Foundation Strength

One of the most important aspects of a home is its foundation. The foundation is the structural backbone of a dwelling, which makes its health essential to the value of the property and the safety of residents. Though all homes experience a degree of settling no matter their age, foundation damage signs should not be ignored. If you are purchasing a home, it’s essential to be aware of the foundation health so that you can have problems remedied ahead of time or have money knocked off the listing so that you can address them yourself.

Concrete cracks

Thoroughly examine the home for signs of foundation damage before you list the property or consider a purchase. Cracks around the interior or exterior of the building can often be warning signs, especially if they are wide, horizontal, or grouped closely together. Test windows and doors to make sure that they don’t stick and look around frames for signs of cracking. Examine walls, floors, ceilings, and chimneys for signs of slanting or warping and check crawl spaces for water intrusion.

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Yard Drainage Situation

Los Angeles properties need to have healthy foundations given the threat of seismic activity. However, not all LA property owners are aware of the importance of yard drainage systems. Before purchasing a home, it’s important to examine the yard drainage system. Even though rain isn’t common in Los Angeles, a lack of proper drainage can cause infrequent storms to lead to costly and potentially hazardous problems.

Yard drainage systems should redirect the flow of water off of the property so that it doesn’t pool and kill vegetation and lead to pest infestations. Water that enters the home can cause harmful mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria to grow. Moisture intrusion can also cause structural damage by rotting the foundation. Therefore, ensuring that a yard drainage system is installed can prevent extensive and expensive foundation repairs.

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Drainage Rain

Reliable Roofing

Another area of a property that should not have any weaknesses is the roof. While LA is lauded for its sunny days, all locals know that extreme weather can be right around the corner. Roofs are necessary for protecting a home from any exterior elements including flash storms, earthquakes, and unexpected weather.

One of the main areas of roof concerns is leaks. Older houses with roofs that have not been updated run the risk of leaks. Water intrusion can cause serious health issues for residents, as mold and other noxious growths can cause respiratory and other health problems. Meanwhile, faulty roofs can compromise the foundation’s health. A careful examination of the roofing situation will reveal if the home is ready to sell.

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Piping Health

Lastly, Los Angeles homeowners and buyers should both be aware of the home’s piping situation. While heating isn’t the main concern of LA residents, chilly winter nights do call for turning on the heat. The last thing that new homeowners want is to discover that their pipes are in poor condition. Piping concerns are also relevant because LA homeowners need to know that their drinking water is safe and clean.

Test the faucets in a home before committing to a purchase. Faucets that make odd sounds when being turned on could indicate issues. Low water pressure, unpleasant smells, and slow drains are also indications of potential piping problems. Additionally, it’s important to check the walls for signs of water intrusion damage that could occur with leaky pipes.

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