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French Drain Mistakes & How To Solve Them

Though some Los Angeles homeowners might be tempted to approach French drain installations with a DIY route, the many faulty consequences of self-installation can frustrate homeowners.

However, having a more thorough understanding of common French drain issues and solutions can help homeowners understand when they can address their issues themselves and when it’s time to call in expert help for your LA yard drainage needs.

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Installation Location Failure

French drains should never be installed at random. To correct the yard drainage issue and provide maximum drain system coverage, it’s necessary to study the yard and carefully determine where the French drain should be installed.

To do this, homeowners should determine where the water flows away from the property to find the best location for installing the yard drainage system. Many LA homeowners rely on professional contractors to pinpoint the areas of their yards that are suffering from yard drainage failures.

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Zone Regulation Confusion

Another issue that commonly occurs with Los Angeles French drain installations is misunderstanding zone regulations. Homeowners will need to speak with local building authorities before any DIY yard work to be aware of the zoning codes and avoid legal issues. Many LA homeowners prefer to have contractors handle the projects, as they are informed of local regulations and are familiar with securing any necessary permits.

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Faulty French Drain Material Selection

One issue that can cause a DIY French drain installation to fail is selecting the wrong materials. All of the materials used in the French drain installations should be carefully considered. This includes the type of rock used to fill the drain, as well as the fabric that should line the trench. It is essential to use the correct materials that will best facilitate the flow and maintenance of the drain. All materials should be selected with factors such as drainage and permeability kept in mind.

Drain Pipe Problems

Several issues can go wrong with the drain pipe when it comes to your DIY French drain installation. Drain pipes are critical for the effectiveness of a French drain. Water must first filter through the layer of rock, then the pipe, before being redirected away from the home and to an appropriate channel. Omitting the drain pipe will significantly affect the amount of water the drain can handle. It’s also necessary that the drain pipe holes are pointed in the correct direction, which should be downwards.

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Omitting Drainage Fabric

While some homeowners select the wrong type of drainage fabric to line the trench in their French drains, other homeowners omit the inclusion of drainage fabric altogether. This is a mistake that will weaken the overall effectiveness of the French drain.

For an effective yard drainage system, the French drain should be lined with non-woven drainage fabric. The fabric serves as a barrier to prevent debris and dirt from interfering with the drainage system. However, it also needs to allow for the free flow of water without obstructions.

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Replacing the Excavated Soil Wrong

One thing that Los Angeles homeowners love about French drains is that they are located underground and do not interrupt the property landscaping. However, homeowners should avoid putting the excavated soil back in the yard on top of the drain. This can interfere with the effectiveness of the yard drainage system. Contractors can help homeowners instead design a way to integrate the yard drainage system into the yard without compromising the effectiveness of the drain.

Misrouting the Downspout

Another common French drain mistake that Los Angeles homeowners should avoid is routing their downspout into their French drain. This can cause water runoff to overwhelm the French drain. To avoid this issue, a catch basin can be installed in combination with the French drain. Often a combination of drainage systems is the ideal solution for effective and efficient yard drainage.

False French Drain Slope

A final DIY French drain issue is falsely determining the slope of the drain. The French drain needs to be properly sloped to avoid water from pooling in the yard or being directed into the home rather than away from the property. Many Los Angeles homeowners, therefore, turn to professional contractors to handle all of the necessary French drain installation details.

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