When Do You Need A Foundation Replacement ?

The biggest question running through a homeowners head when faced with foundation problems is usually whether they need a foundation repair or a foundation replacement.slab replacement in los angeles

It’s usually the job of a professional inspector to advise homeowners on whether the foundation damage needs repair or a total foundation replacement after evaluating the damage.

Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement is a process of replacing the existing foundation, section by section to support the weight of the house. Replacing a foundation might be necessary because of a lot of reasons. Here are the most common reasons why most houses in southern California get foundation replacement.

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A badly deteriorated Foundation

If a foundation is not properly maintained or taken care of, it can deteriorate to a level where not even foundation repairs can save it and replacing the foundation is the only option. Visible signs of a badly deteriorating foundation include concrete chipping out,bulges and salt like particles in your basement or on the foundation.

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Foundation Was Constructed Using Poor Quality Materials

Even if a foundation doesn’t show any signs of damage, if it is determined that poor materials were used to build the foundation or the foundation is damaged due to poor materials, it will have to be replaced to avoid any potential damage to your property or your health.

There’s No Foundation At All

Some buildings simply don’t have foundations, especially old ones. Most building were built without foundations because of older construction methods, soil type issues, water table issues or cost. A new foundation will be built to withstand the weight of the home, the negative effects of soil types and water table issues.

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Foundation Replacement Contractor

To have an excellent foundation replacement process without much interruption, you need to find a professionally licensed foundation contractor. Contact California Foundation Works on (323) 418-2239 to get a free* foundation repair.