What is A Sister Wall Foundation ?

Sister Wall Foundation Solution

There are several ways of dealing with a flawed foundation and building a sister foundation is one of them.

A sister wall foundation is an extra wall that is installed parallel to an existing foundation in order to reinforce it.

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Why Use a Sister Foundation

Sister wall foundation installation is a preferred method of foundation reinforcement among homeowners in Los Angeles for a number of reasons:

Cost Effective

When a foundation is old and crumbling, building a sister wall foundation around it to support the flawed foundation can be cost effective and efficient.

Building Exterior Is Not Affected

Building a sister foundation on a historic structure or home is perfect because it doesn’t interfere with the exterior of the building, it remains out of view.

Reinforcing Brick or Stone Foundations

Most older homes were built on stone or brick foundations, which tend to not be as sturdy as the newer homes that are built on concrete foundations. Therefore a sister wall foundation installation is the most effective way of addressing unstable brick or stone foundations.

Sister Wall Foundation Installation

  • A trench is dug alongside the old foundation to accommodate the sister foundation.
  • Pockets are created to help the two foundations join.
  • Reinforcements and foundation bolts are installed.
  • Concrete is then pumped into the trench.
  • After a two to three days, wooden forms are removed
  • Cleanup the  mess and the sister foundation is ready

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Hiring a Foundation Contractor

To asses if your building or house needs a sister foundation, Contact a professional foundation inspector to inspect your foundation.

Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239, for a free* foundation inspection.