First Steps In Evaluating Your Home Foundation:

foundation-damage-due-to-drainageDoes your home show signs of slab failure ?

It’s essential to inspect your home at the 1st indication of foundation damage . This may minimize home foundation repairs and costs for your family , while assuring your home stays safe and sound .

For a free of charge in-home inspection , simply contact California Foundation Works . In the mean time , however , be aware of these vital warning signs that could end up in significant issues with your home foundation .

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Outside of your home , check for :

• Cracks on the foundation concrete at the lower area of the home . Sometimes , little cracks may possibly simply be cosmetic . Have these checked by a professional , since they could be an indication of upcoming problems .
• Roof leaks . This may indicate a shift in the foundation if your shingles and other roof covering materials are usually in good condition .
• Drainage issues and standing water . Water accumulated near the foundation can cause the soil to expand , generating pressure and damage .
• Diagonal cracks along mortar joints in the brick veneer . This reveals shifting and stress are dividing the brick from one another .
• Separation around the garage entrance and other external doors . A change in the home’s foundation creates pressure on walls and door joints , which will show up as separation and cracks . You may observe that doors do not close easily , as they once did .

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Inside the house , try to look for :

• Sticking entry doors . If a door has started to stick , or if it looks like it is no longer hung appropriately , this is often a sign of a foundation problem .
• Window difficulties . Often times , a window may not open unless much force is applied . Other times , windows resist to stay open . A tough , sticking or loose window may be an indication of issues .
• Cracks in interior walls . These are especially crucial that you notice at the joints where walls meet ceilings , doors or other walls . Gaps might indicate the joints are pulling away from one another .
• Cracks in the fireplace . Foundation strains can make cracks between bricks and tile .
• Nail pops . While nails bulging from wallboard may appear under other circumstances , they might also be a sign of a shifting foundation .

If any one of these symptoms are present , call a professional right away for a foundation inspection . When they begin , foundation issues do not go away on their own . In fact , as long as you wait before attending to these problems , they will become more complicated and expensive to repair .

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If you’re in need for a foundation repair company in Los Angeles that offers a free* inspection and repair estimate, please contact us at 323-418-2239. You will have nothing to waste by having a periodically inspection of your home surrounding and the foundation. Make the call today , and assure your foundation will last a lifetime .