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How To Inspect Yard Drainage

With California on lockdown due to COVID-19, many homeowners are finding themselves with free time on their hands.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stay busy and productive, as the extra time creates the perfect opportunity for home inspections. Los Angeles County has recently experienced a wet period that also creates the perfect environment for spotting yard drainage failures.

Make the most of your time at home by taking care of some easy to manage drainage problems that will leave your property flourishing.

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Avoid Water Intrusion

The last thing anyone needs at this moment is unnecessary expenses, which is why you should ensure that water damage is one problem you won’t have to soon encounter.

When the rainwater cannot properly be drained in the yard, it often pools. This can harm and even kill vegetation, which ruins the landscaping and curb appeal of the home.

Drainage Rain

However, the more serious problems start once the water begins to enter the home. Water invasion can rot wood and ruin floorboards and paneling. It can also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew, and other harmful growths. Walls, floors, and ceilings can become warped and distorted as well.

The most serious damage will occur if the water reaches the foundation. Water damaged foundation can pose a massive problem for homeowners since these repairs will far exceed the cost of installing a drainage system. Water trapped underneath the foundation can cause cracks, as well as heaving. Heaving occurs when the clay soil expands and forces the soil up, which can seriously compromise the home’s structural stability.

Spot the Signs at Home

If you’re stuck at home or have a free weekend or evening, spend your time wisely by looking for signs of drainage system failure. The recent rain that the greater Los Angeles area has experienced will help emphasize potential problems.

After heavy rainfall is always the best time for a drainage system inspection. Search your yard for pools of water post rainfall, as well as areas of the yard that appear to have topsoil frequently carried away when it rains. Damaged and dying vegetation and pest and insect infestation can indicate that water is not properly draining. Search your home for damp and wet areas.

Be sure to pay particular attention to crawl space floors and walls. Check crawl spaces for salt deposit growth known as efflorescence, which can coat the walls when extra moisture is present. Examine walls for peeling paint, and be sure to be on the lookout for unusual, musty odors. Mold, mildew, rust, and rot are all signs of water intrusion and may cause effects such as breathing difficulty and headaches. Be sure to perform these inspections routinely to ensure continual protection.

Preventative Steps

Want to put your free time to good use?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your yard in its best shape to protect your home and property. Looking for some good news?

Now is the best time to tend to your yard. Spring is an excellent time for performing yard inspections, as the rainy season highlights drainage system failure. Standing water is one of the biggest issues that homeowners have to contend with.

Habit-based standing water can often be attributed to watering patterns, so be sure to not overdo it when it comes to watering your plants. Ensure that downspouts are pointed away from the home at a proper angle so that water is effectively distributed away from your property and home. When it comes to dealing with design-based standing water issues, soil composting can be very beneficial.

This process will assist the soil in absorbing more water to prevent pooling. You might also consider raising plant beds if your yard is contending with a high water table. Another step that can make a big impact on your yard’s health is soil grading and sloping. These services will allow for better water distribution to aid with drainage issues.

Also, make sure to inspect your gutters regularly for signs of clogging and remove debris as needed. Lastly, the number one step you can take to ensure that your yard drainage needs are met is investing in the right drainage system for your yard.

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round grates drainage systems

Explore Your Solutions

While routine yard maintenance makes all the difference, sometimes you need to call in the professionals for a drainage system repair, installation, or replacement.

At California Foundation Works, we offer complete drainage system repairs and installation of all drainage systems on the market. That means that if you want it, we can install it.

When it comes to determining the “best” drainage solution, that answer depends entirely on your needs. For example, simple spot solutions can be rectified by installing gutter downspouts in some cases. Catch basins and drain boxes are also easy installation solutions to effectively guide water away from the home.

On the other hand, French drains are an extremely popular drainage solution that can assist with drainage for hillside and sloped homes. Since this drainage system is installed underground, it does not disrupt the landscaping with protruding pipes.

Surface drains are a trusted solution for dealing with extensive drainage issues, as they have a large flow rate. This makes them skilled at removing large volumes of water quickly.
Additionally, many homes located on a slope or containing a basement can benefit from a sump pump installation. Sump pumps can often be the saving grace when it comes to preventing indoor flooding.

Why Choose Us?

Here at California Foundation Works, it is our mission as a company to keep your family safe one house at a time. We are happy to provide services that can assist in protecting both your loved ones and your assets to offer some comfort during these trying times. The majority of our services are still fully operational, and our team is dedicated to delivering quality work that meets all safety protocols.

Have any questions or concerns? Call today to be connected to a representative, so that we can get started on helping you achieve your dream home.

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