Hiring A Foundation Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing a foundation prevents damage to your foundation and other costly structural damages. It prevents water from penetrating your foundation and also prevents moisture which causes allergies and mold.

In order to effectively waterproof your foundation, you need to hire a professional waterproofing contractor. There are basic steps which a contractor will take in order to achieve excellent results.

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The very first step involves inspectors coming to your house to inspect the foundation or crawlspace area. During the inspection, the inspector will put into consideration the age of your house, does your foundation only leak after it rains and how often the foundation experiences seepage. They will be on the lookout for any plumbing leaks, cracked slabs or foundations. In cases of crawlspace inspections, they will also check for any signs of rodents or termites. They will answer your questions and also educate you about your foundation and the solutions that best suit your needs.

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After making careful evaluations of the inside and outside of your home, the inspector will then give you a detailed proposal which shows what kind of work will be done, how long it will take and how much it will cost. After the proposal is approved, the contractor will make the necessary repairs and waterproof your foundation in a timely manner. After the foundation waterproofing process is done, you shouldn’t have any moisture problems, seepage problems or water damage to your concrete or wooden foundations.

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