How to Protect Your Driveway During Winter

To keep your driveway intact, certain measures and maintenance techniques should be put in place especially during winter.driveway repair in los angeles

Both asphalt and concrete driveways can be affected very negatively by winter conditions if the driveway is not properly managed. Luckily there are ways to prevent and protect your driveway during winter from all those negative effects.

Driveway Winter Damage and Solutions

Drainage problems

A driveway will develop cracks if water seeps into it and settles. Extra care has to be taken in order to prevent gutters from draining water onto your driveway. Another sign that rainwater might be causing damage to your driveway is when you notice puddles of water on your driveway after rain. To deal with the drainage problem, a number of measures can be taken such as installing a driveway that slopes and drains rainwater away from the driveway, directing the downspouts away from driveway.

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Driveway Spalling

Driveway spalling which is also called scaling is when the surface of the driveway flakes away and reveals a rough under layer. Winter rain or chemicals can cause spalling on your driveway. You can prevent spalling by applying a water repellant sealer to the driveway and using the right amount of water in the concrete mix when pouring the driveway will help reduce spalling significantly.

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Weeds and plant Roots

Winter rains bring about the growth of weeds and plants around your property. These weeds and plants will grow through or around your driveway which might cause damage. Depending on the size of the roots, some will cause some parts of your driveway to look raised or even crack the edges of your driveway. To prevent this, weeds should be uprooted once noticed and the use of non chemical weed killers is encouraged.

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