Does Foundation Waterproofing Help ?

It’s estimated that US households exceed over 1 trillion gallons of water in annual leakages and that the cost to repair the damages caused by these leakages can go as high as $27,000 for each homeowner.waterproofing foundation walls in los angeles

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of foundation waterproofing is the cost and whether it’s effective. Foundation waterproofing will help you prevent any water related problems such as mold, cracks, pest infestations and bad odors.


Prevents Flooding

Basement and crawlspace flooding is the overflowing of water into the basement or crawlspace through leaky plumbing or foundation walls and floors. Basement and crawlspace flooding is a potential problem for all homeowners regardless of their location or building type. Foundation waterproofing will prevent the seepage of water through your foundation in cases of heavy rain or when you happen to have a bad drainage system.

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Good For Your Health

A non waterproofed foundation will allow water and moisture to enter your foundation or basement, therefore causing mold and encouraging insects to live in your basement or crawlspace. Mold and certain types of insects can be very harmful to your health. A waterproofed foundation will prevent moisture in your basement or crawlspace, hence mold or insects won’t exist.

Protects Your Investment

Having a waterproofed foundation is a perfect way of continually maintaining and improving the value of your property. A weakened or damaged foundation will greatly impact the value of your house. Foundation waterproofing will prevent any costly foundation damage which may be caused by water seepage into the foundation.

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You should hire a foundation waterproofing  professional if you want to prevent any damage to your property or foundation. Contact California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.