5 Main Reasons For Foundation Repair

1. 25% of homes will experience foundation problems across the United States, 45% more expected in California due to a higher concentration of expansive soil. Based on studies done, it has been shown that expansive soils exist throughout the US, with a higher concentration in certain areas, California being one of them. Expansive soils are thus called due to their nature of expanding and contracting because of the variation of moisture content within the earth.

2. Foundation problems are degenerative in nature, the longer you wait, the more chance the problems will worsen. With time, problems such as cracks in walls and general instability will worsen. Once there is damage to the foundation the overall stability of the structure is weakened leaving room for more problems to arise. The sooner you repair your damaged foundation, the easier and more cost effective will your scope of work be.

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3. Cracks in your home allow water seepage into sunken areas and basements. This can cause damage to the furniture inside, to the carpeting or flooring, and can cause mold to form leading later to more serious health problems. Having your foundation repaired will not only prevent from more serious damage ahead, but may also prevent from serious damage to you and your family’s health.

4. One of the determining factors for the value of your home is the condition of the foundation and its eligibility for a loan and insurance. Foundation problems are viewed as a serious defect to the home and can lead to manny “hiccups” in the buying and selling process. The FHA may categorize your house as a “Fixer-Upper” requiring the purchaser to get a special type of loan, subsequently lowering the value of the house. The VA has special guidelines pertaining to foundation repair, For more information on the VA and foundations download this PDF (over 600 pages) and search for the term foundation. Repairing your foundation will make your selling experience much more easy, simple and profitable.

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5. Foundation and associated damage repair can lower your energy costs. Repairing shifted windows and cracks in a structure can affect energy costs. Percentage of energy lost from different areas in a home:

  • Infiltration / Air Leakage: 35%
  • Windows and Doors: 18%-20%
  • Floors and Below Grade Space: 15%-18%
  • Walls: 12%-14%
  • Ceilings: 10%”
  • Perform an Energy Audit on your home to determine how much energy you are wasting

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