Insurance and Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is one of the worst forms of damage a homeowner can experience not just because it’s relatively expensive to repair but it’s also not easily covered by insurance. Even though insurance will sometimes cover foundation damage, most of the times insurance will not cover it and the homeowner will have to pay the bill out of pocket. There are certain factors that can determine whether insurance will cover the foundation damage or not.

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The most common causes of foundation damage are water, foundation settling, earthquakes and poor construction. Water damage can be covered or can not be covered depending on the source of the water which is causing the damage. If the water damage is caused by a sudden leak from the pipes, then it is usually covered but it will not be covered if it is caused by a flood because flood insurance is required for that. In cases where the foundation damage is related to soil issues, causing the house to settle, these types of damages will not be covered by insurance as well, a very common issue with Los Angeles Homes. In general, foundation damage caused by floods or earth movements is not typically covered by insurance.

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It’s advisable to have regular foundation inspections and maintenance in order to prevent any problems. Call California Foundation Works on 323-418-2239 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.