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Common Warning Signs for Foundation issues:foundation replacement in los angeles

Inside the Building:
• Wall, ceiling or drywall cracks.

• Stuck or difficult to open doors and windows.
• Cracks or separations between walls and ceilings.
• Cracks or separations between walls and floors
• Nails exposed through drywall.
• Floor is unleveled or shows signs of cracking.

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Outside the Building:
• Cracked masonry or concrete
• Roof line shows signs of sagging.
• Stuck or difficult to open doors.
• Gaps or separations between window edges and bricks or walls.
• Bricks may become pushed out.
• Fireplace may become detached from the rest of your home.

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What can cause your foundation to move?
• Extremely dry soil or weather conditions.
• Extremely wet soil
• Soil compression
• Poorly draining, compacted soils.
• Earthquakes or Aftershocks
• Evaporation
• Soil Moisture loss due to excessive roots
• Shallow footings
• Broken or Cracked pipes

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